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The “Pure Pacific” mission is to remove 1 million pieces of plastic from the oceans, save 1 million sea turtles, and donate $1,000,000 for marine life conservation and ocean clean up. 

Portland, Oregon, April 8, 2020, It is no secret that the amount of plastic waste floating around in the oceans is gargantuan. It must be reduced if the planet’s sea life is to survive as well as Earth’s ecosystem. It actually affects every facet of living on this planet. Fish have been discovered to have plastic in their cellular makeup. Various initiatives have been attempted to do something about it and some have been successful. Others have failed.

“Purepacific” of Portland has joined the initiative to help do something about the pollution caused by plastic waste floating around the oceans of planet Earth. The team at Purepacific has developed a technology to blend recycled plastic and recycled organic cotton to create an eco-friendly line of Tees.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “PurePacific was born out of a passion to clean-up the world’s oceans and preserve its marine life. We recognize the urgent need to keep the world’s oceans healthy and unpolluted, and we’re committed to the use of eco-friendly material in the creation of our fashions.“

He goes on to say, “It is our aim to use only the most ecologically beneficial textiles in the creation of our clothing. Although most people are aware by now of the non-biodegradable nature of plastic, many continue to make choices that harm the earth and the oceans. And so, the threat continues to grow. We at PurePacific like to think we’re addressing the problem of plastics, rather than adding to it.”

The folks at PurePacific are deeply committed to preserving the beauty and health of Earth’s oceans, and all the living creatures that count on them for their sustenance. That’s why they have created partnerships with other ecology-mindful organizations.

They will donate a dollar from every item they sell to their ocean cleanup partners listed below:

  • Oceana: This international organization takes a vigorous stance to restore the oceans of the world and provide long-range protection for them. Their impressive films and research have influenced policymakers on a global scale.
  • The Ocean Cleanup: Founded in 2013, this heavyweight non-profit already has a dedicated staff of over 70. They use science and technology to attack the crisis of plastic pollution and their methods are simple and astonishingly effective.
  • 5 Gyres: These non-profit activists take a powerful stand against pollution. It was their study that generated the ban on plastic microbeads in the U.S. They are indefatigable advocates for plastic-free living and many other related issues.
  • Surfrider Foundation: With a mission of protecting the world’s oceans, waves and beaches they so love, the Surfrider Foundation has a network of local, regional and national chapters brimming with participants who take every task and goal very seriously.

PurePacific’s clothes are designed to make people come together and be a part of a global change that is so needed. By buying their clothing, you have become a part of that change….as they donate a portion of all of their profits to Ocean clean up, and Marine life preservation organizations around the world.

For complete information, visit: https://purepacific.com/

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