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“Historic Tees” is committed to donate a percentage of their proceeds to non-profit organizations who support families and individuals in need during the Coronavirus Global Pandemic.

Tampa, Florida, April 8, 2020, The worldwide community finds itself in the grip of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As it spreads across the globe like wildfire, people are learning that they have the same concerns no matter where they reside. Healthcare workers across the planet are stepping up and risking their lives to help people. Businesses are also changing the way they operate in order to stay relevant and help the community. Individual citizens also would like to show their support, but how can they do so?

“Historic Tees” has stepped up and launched a line of Tees with messages so that people can show their support during this time of the global COVID-19 Pandemic. This brilliantly conceived line of pandemic tees sports historic messages that will encourage the public to beat the Coronavirus through social distancing, allow recoverees to express survivorship, and support individuals and families affected by the Coronavirus.

Historic Tees” make perfect gifts and keepsake items for years of wear. All tees are made with breathable light cotton, ensuring comfortable wear on essential grocery runs and loungewear. The brand hopes consumers recognize the important message it supports. A social media campaign  coincides with the launch to further share the importance of unity across the globe. Social distancers can share the importance of being connected while being physically apart by sporting the “Historic Tees” and tagging on social media using hashtags #ApartButTogether, #BeatingCOVID19, and #6FtAwayNotUnder.

During a recent interview, Sunsaria Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Logical Source Consulting, LLC, the parent company of Historic Tees, made these comments, “We are excited to officially launch Historic Tees online, although we are experiencing a historical time in our lives, we do want our shirts to foster a connection and resilience to the community.”

For a limited time, the company is offering a 5% Discount.

For complete information, visit: https://historictees.net/

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