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Boson’s proprietory software, “Fleetwise”, provides exceptional feet management and driver experience. “Fleetwise” deploys state-of-the-art data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to enable unprecedented reliability, support and cost of ownership economics. 

Fremont, California, April 14, 2020, Boson is pioneering the Intelligent Electrification of Light Commercial Vehicles(LCV). LCVs make up a $20B worldwide market. It is a fragmented market with no clear brand leader and is served by a large number of small dealers who have little brand loyalty.

This presents a unique opportunity for Boson to enter this market segment in selected geographies with a unique and innovative Virtual manufacturing and business model. Boson is initially focusing on fleets in the Agricultural segment in the USA and corporate fleets in India.

Escalating demand for electrification of LCVs in these segments is driven by cost reduction opportunities and challenges in managing the fleets. Boson’s “Fleetwise” platform not only optimizes cost, performance and reliability, it also allows unique skill applications to be developed to meet subsegment unique needs. Existing fragmented completion offers no such capability.

Boson is implementing a disruptive manufacturing strategy and an innovative business model. Boson designs, engineers and specifies the complete vehicle and service and support process. The final vehicle if assembled finally tested at the point-of-delivery. Because of the simplicity of the design, the dealer’s service shop receives chassis, motor, harness, additional components, from third party sources, while Boson provides the battery and the “Fleetwise” software. Boson’s customer picks up the vehicle from the dealer and Boson warranties the vehicle and the dealer services the vehicle.

Boson already has received all the required approvals from RTO in India and has delivered 2 vehicles to its first customer. Prior to this delivery, the Boson vehicles have been road tested for 10,000 miles. Boson is working with a US dealer serving the agricultural market to complete the approvals and expect to make initial deliveries by Summer 2020.

Boson is founded by Arun Seelam and Suri Bhupatiraju. Between Arun and Suri, they represent deep experience in data analysis, artificial intelligence, and automotive technologies. Arun is incidental in developing the core powertrain and battery technology which powers Boson vehicles. The robust vehicle operating system and cloud platform and the product delivery are helmed by Suri.

Boson’s investors, advisors, and mentors represent Silicon Valley, Serial entrepreneurs.

For complete information, visit: https://www.bosonmotors.com/

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