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Most people have insurance plans in case they become ill, but many seem to forget about their pets. Now more than ever, it is important to insure pets as a way to offset potential veterinarian bills during a period when many simply can’t afford to pay them.

Agoura Hills, CA – May 3rd 2020, Odie Pet Insurance has come out this week with a strong recommendation to insure the health of those non-human members of the family, should they fall ill during the COVID-19 crisis. As medical bills mount for thousands of people, many are also stuck with the burden of paying for their pets’ veterinarian bills as well as their own.

A savvy way for pet owners to protect themselves financially would be to purchase a pet insurance policy that can help offset some of those costs. Odie helps pet owners get reimbursed up to 90% for qualified unexpected vet care costs, like accidents and illnesses. When a pet owner is shelling out an average of $800-$1,500 for an emergency vet visit, getting reimbursed can mean a lot, especially if paying for their pet’s surgery keeps them from paying the rent on time. There are multiple advantages to taking out pet health insurance, including:

  • Accident & Illness Coverage: All plans include unexpected accident and illness coverage which can be especially advantageous for those with puppies which are usually adventurous with fun and food.
  • Add-On Coverage To Fit Within The Budget: Odie offers optional coverage such as emergency office visits and exam fees, take home prescription medication, and even rehabilitative services.
  • Routine Care Plans: When pet owners want some help covering the expected costs such as annual vaccinations, flea and tick medication and annual wellness exams, a routine care plan is a great way to help them save money.

During a recent press event, David Thorson, CEO of Odie Pet Insurance was quoted as saying, “We’re on a mission: Odie was founded on the principle of building better pet health care coverage to reduce the number of economic euthanasia incidents. We never want a pet owner to have to decide between the well-being of their loved one or their finances.”

Odie Pet Insurance is an affordable pet insurance company that reimburses pet owners up to 90% of covered treatments in under 5 business days and in as little as 24 hours. To learn more about Odie Pet Insurance, visit their official website at www.odiepetinsurance.com

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