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 They used this predicament as the catalyst to pursue their dream of setting a world record for being the first people to fly a parachute in every country of the world. Their fans have been able to follow them on their social media. 

Breaza, Romania, May 4, 2020, Imagine being an American abroad and the Coronavirus Pandemic hits while you are in the second poorest country in Europe and you find yourself trapped. No way out, borders closed, you are on your own. Better come-up with a plan, and quickly.

Well, this is actually happening real-time to Jamie Leibert, also known as Captain Manicorn, his partner Sandra Zinovyev and their dog, Freedom. They have been traveling through Europe in a converted camper van with 28 sq. feet of living space. These two American Daredevils participate in activities such as Paragliding, Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Wing Suiting, Base Jumping, Mountaineering, Surfing, Skiing, Speed-Riding, Hiking, and Scuba Diving.

They owned an event company and after their last event of the year in 2019, they traveled to Europe to explore their other passions: adventure travel & air sports. The pair are currently living in a small mountain town called Breaza, about 1 hour north of the capital, Bucharest.

Because their company is in the entertainment industry dependent on having events in the Spring/Summer, the Coronavirus has put them out of business. As a result, they decided to use it as an opportunity to full-time follow their dream of being the first man and woman to fly a parachute in every country of the world. Their motto is ‘Don’t quit your daydream”. They are all in, risking it all, funding their dream by using savings and credit card points.

As they travel during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic, they are surprised and intrigued by some of the comments they are hearing from locals about how the USA is coping with the pandemic. Romania has enacted martial law, so they need to fill out a form and have it on them anytime they go outside. If they leave their house without a special form, they can get a fine up to $250. They’ve been harassed by the police multiple times, which is scary because they don’t speak the language and can’t understand what they are asking them.

Once the borders are reopened and the countries are not in a state of emergency, they will continue their mission to set the world record. Their itinerary includes driving the beautiful coast of southern Europe, knocking Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia off the list for the world record, then heading Northeast into Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Future plans once they finish Europe include buying a sailboat in San Diego, learning how to sail, and visiting all the countries along the coast of Central America by sailboat. In July, they will be launching a web series on their social media following their journey.

Readers interested in their journey can follow along on their social media, as they continue their journey to fulfill their lifetime dream to set a world record to fly a parachute in every country in the world. Viewers will have an inside look into their adventure, showing all of their failures and successes along the way.

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