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Effectively immediately, Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care will offer both the COVID PCR nasal swab test as well as the IgG Antibody blood draw test for healthcare professionals, first responders and persons who are exposed due to their work environment. 

Woodbridge, New Jersey, April 30th, 2020, Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care, New Jersey’s #1 rated children’s urgent care facility, announced this week that it will expand their antibody test beyond its own employees and Kinder patients. Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care will offer both the COVID PCR nasal swab test as well as the IgG Antibody blood draw test for healthcare professionals, first responders and persons who are exposed due to their work environment. For those requiring back to work Covid PCR testing, please register through their telemedicine platform Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care.

Their pediatric and family medical experts at their 3 locations in Woodbridge, Union and Totowa NJ are available for telemedicine visits from 10am to 10pm every day. Patients are encouraged to use the “Kinder Anywhere” so they can be evaluated and approved for testing. PCR Nasal Swab testing provides evidence that the virus is presently in your body. This is a swab test that is done through your nasal cavity. This test will tell you if you actively have COVID-19 and are infectious and therefore should isolate immediately.

The second test being offered is the antibody test. This test requires blood drawing. Antibody testing tells you whether you have been exposed to the virus, and whether your body has reacted to the virus. Unfortunately, it does not tell you that you are immune to the virus, and you cannot use this test to diagnose a new infection with COVID-19, or to get out of quarantine. You will likely need the PCR nasal testing to end quarantine or isolation.

Kinder physicians want to emphasize that you must be careful with the antibody results. Having antibodies does not mean that you can stop socially isolating or wearing masks, and it does not mean that you can stop taking precautions against spreading or getting the virus. It is not yet known if having antibodies will prevent you from getting COVID-19 again. The good news is that having antibodies to the COVID-19 virus may make you eligible to donate plasma.

Both the Covid-19 and the antibody tests are scheduled by appointment only. Please call the centers between 10am -10pm in Woodbridge, Union and Totowa, New Jersey to schedule your telemedicine visit and testing appointment. Results can be received in 24-36 hours at Kinder Pediatrics. All telemedicine visits via “Kinder Anywhere” are $0 copays and all deductibles waived for NJ Residents.

About Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care:

Kinder has established a reputation for superior pediatric care and is NJ’s #1 highest rated children’s urgent care. Open 7 days a week, it employs leading pediatricians, pediatric and family nurse practitioners, registered nurses, certified medical assistants and licensed x-ray technicians to provide urgent care for non-life-threatening diseases. Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care centers continue to treat non COVID 19 illnesses and injuries such as: Asthma, Abscess, Rashes, Corneal abrasions, Pinkeye, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Ear infections, Fever and Common cold, Foreign body removal, Minor burns, Nosebleeds, Urinary tract infections, Wounds and lacerations requiring stitches, Broken bones, Sprains, and other minor trauma. Rapid tests for Flu, Strep, Mono, RSV and high-speed digital X Ray machine on Premise. The three pediatric centers of Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care in NJ offer the best diagnostic and treatment facilities for all aspects of pediatric health.

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