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Following the canceled transaction with Blue Flame LLC, California subsequently enters into yet another controversial deal with Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD to secure approximately 300 million N95 masks for nearly $1 billion dollars.

Tokyo, Japan, May 12, 2020, As the COVID-19 Pandemic sweeps across the globe, it is clear that there is a growing shortage of protective face masks. The scarcity prompts government agencies to make rash decisions to refill stockpiles and fuels unscrupulous manufacturers to take advantage.

The one month delay in the certification process for BYD’s N95 masks gives California the opportunity to explore other avenues. ANNI Medical is ready to provide masks, expertise and compassion — a better return on investment for Californians.

During a recent interview, a Spokesperson from ANNI Medical, a subsidiary of ANNI K.K, a company that works closely with UNICEF Japan, said the company will supply 300 million N95 masks to California at a discount of $50 million. ANNI Medical will donate another $40 million to 20 charities like Amalgamated Foundation Families and Workers Fund, Desert Healthcare District and Foundation, Community Foundation of Mendocino County and COVID-19 Angel Fund and donate another $12.5 million to support families in California that have lost loved ones to the COVID-19.

In addition to the donations, ANNI Medical will invest $30 million to set up a factory domestically to manufacture N95 and other protective masks. California and the United States will no longer have to depend on overseas manufacturers, and jobs will be created for American people.

ANNI K.K. provided emergency supplies for UNICEF Japan during the March 11, 2011 earthquake and continues to partner with UNICEF Japan to save and protect the world’s most vulnerable children. ANNI Medical will bring the same level of commitment to help those individuals and organizations that desperately need resources.

Purchasing masks to curb the COVID-19 infection rate addresses immediate needs.  Government officials will need to take notice of the opportunities that yield the best return for California taxpayers, local charities, and the families impacted by the pandemic. Partnering with companies like ANNI Medical that have philanthropic goals and a track record of delivering supplies during an emergency would provide California and other states a significant return on their investments.

With over $132 million at stake, California may want to reconsider its current deal.

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