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Silver Security is providing top rated security services and The Healthomatic Foundation stands ready to offer mental health remote support. 

Richmond, British Columbia, May 15, 2020, The Coronavirus Pandemic has forever changed the way people interact with each other and their surroundings. Some people step-up to the challenges while others just pay it lip service. Amer Kapani has proven himself to be a man of action. He knows how to get things done, and correctly.

This is why his Silver Security firm has quickly dominated the industry in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. The staff is fully Certified. Under British Columbia’s Security Services Act, individuals working in the security industry must hold a valid security license.

Silver Security is sought after for services such as:

  • Concierge Security
  • Elite Suit & Tie Security
  • Event Security
  • Elite Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Patrol Security
  • Uniformed Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Private Investigation
  • and more………

During a recent interview, Amer Kapani, Founder and CEO of Silver Security, made these comments, “From the very start, our business has been one based on listening to, and collaborating, in equal partnership with small and medium-sized business owners. Through conversations, we discovered many businesses were not satisfied with their current security solution. Therefore, we structured our company to cater to what was missing to our clients and provide them with the criteria they were looking for.”

Amer has an in-depth Mental Health Advocacy background and was very alarmed by the damage the COVID-19 Pandemic is doing to the mental stability of people all over the globe. This motivated him to form The Healthomatic Foundation so that people can reach out and his staff can provide support to help people through their personal crisis. The foundation can be reached here.

Amer knew that he could bring his extensive history in security by founding Silver Security, with a mission to offer all the professionalism of a big company, with the flexibility and personal touch of a small business.

For complete information, visit: http://silversecurity.ca/

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