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The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many people to stay close to home. Bicycle riding has become a favorite method of exercise and enjoyment among all age groups. The use of Bike Lights translates to safer bike riding. 

London, United Kingdom, May 17, 2020, The good news is that more people are enjoying bike riding then ever before. The bad news is that it is because of the Coronavirus Pandemic that has so many people stuck at home with no place to go and nothing to do. Be that as it may, we all know that bike riding is good for your health, especially cardiovascular health. Too many people still refuse to wear a Bike Helmet and even if they do, it still can be a dangerous pastime.

“360 Bike Light” has launched a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds in order to fast-track getting their next generation Bike Light into consumers hands more quickly. It is undisputed that the use of Bicycle Lights saves lives, even in the daytime. It is no secret that there are plenty of Bike Lights on the market, but none have to offer what the “360 Bike Light” does.

The revolutionary design of this groundbreaking new Bike Light was the result of a lot of research and reading government studies. Michael Wildon is the lead team member on this project. His background is in inventing medical and consumer products. The design of the “360 Bike Light” was to counter the highest mortality data on bike riding in that they are difficult to see. In fact, in the USA, 40% of all fatal bike accidents are the result of being struck in the rear. In the UK, 80% of all bike accidents occur during daylight hours.

Some of the features:

  • The 360 Bike Light is visible 360 degrees.
  • You can be seen from every direction.
  • Lights can be constant or flashing.
  • Prototypes have been in use over 6 months.
  • Solar cells used for charging.
  • USB used for charging off a computer.
  • ABS plastic used to manufacture 360 Bike Lights. Sustainable and recyclable.

The “360 Bike Light” Crowdfunding Campaign is an excellent opportunity to be part of the future of bike riding safety. Sponsors will be eligible for a great selection of perks.

For complete information, visit: www.360bikelights.com

The Kickstarter Campaign can be viewed here.

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