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A complete guide to School Fundraising Ideas. In this all-new guide, Seven Chapters will give you the best ideas for a successful fundraiser. 

Athens, Tennessee, May 22, 2020,  School Fundraising can be a daunting task unless you are well seasoned at it. Simply stated, there are ideas that work and ideas that will leave you with egg on your face. It makes a whole lot of sense to tune in on professional advice and avoid floundering around and wasting time and money.

The team at Discount Card Fundraiser has just published a concise and informative Blog Post with 7 Chapters chock-full of information that will get your Fundraiser on the right track. In this blog post, readers will learn about:

  • Free Fundraisers
  • Product Fundraisers
  • School-Wide Fundraisers
  • Small Classroom-Sized Fundraisers
  • Profit Margin For Each Fundraiser
  • No To Low Involvement Fundraisers
  • How-To Guides For Best Execution
  • Lots more…………. 

The Blog Post begins with School Fundraising Fundamentals and progresses to: Maxing Out Your Fundraiser, Free Fundraisers, Event Fundraisers, Product Fundraisers, Competition Fundraisers, and a Bonus Chapter covering PTO/PTA Fundraising Tips.

During a recent interview, Matt Goodin, CEO of Discount Card Fundraiser, made these comments: “For your school fundraiser idea to be the best one possible, you need to have your team in place with the proper plan to perform… and a thousand other things that go into school fundraising. That is not to say that your school fundraiser has to be perfect to make money. It doesn’t.”

Matt goes into depth about:

  • Season
  • Location
  • Participation
  • Incentives
  • Timing
  • Student Income Level
  • Parent/Teacher Buy-In
  • Funds Needed 

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