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During these unforeseen events, all of us have experienced many negative emotions,  but there were also a lot of bright things, which should be remembered, such as courage, kindness, generosity and of course humor. 

New York City, NY, May 28, 2020, The COVID-19 Pandemic has not only caused people to be ill physically, but also Mentally. The degree of widespread mental anguish is very alarmin and difficult to heal. As people are told to stay home in quarantine, it is the isolation that is causing widespread clinical depression amongst the World’s populations. What is needed is something that would be game-changing to bring people out of their mental doldrums.

The team at Mankind Interactive Studio, an international group of volunteers, has been quietly developing a game to inject some humor into this dire predicament. A smile and some laughter can go a long way during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Beta Testers of the game have reported that it was a very refreshing and uplifting experience to engage with this new game.

“DefeatCovid.space” has full color illustrations and captures the imagination. It is enjoyed by all age groups. The game got many upvotes and >90% positive on Reddit. It’s a life-affirming project with a humor style that can be compared to Monty Python or South Park. The project is free to play and completely online (no downloads), with opened donations via PayPal, 50% of the income is planned to support the vulnerable groups in the most impacted countries. The other part will be used for creation of the new episodes of the project.

During a recent press event, a company spokesperson made these comments, “The Idea was to put it all together into the Art of the Quarantine Era, which must be interactive – to symbolize that we’re all engaged, and it’s available online – as a tribute to the Internet which helps us stay together while we’re isolated. The gameplay itself is also made smooth and friendly for any age, from 5 to 90 years old, to make this little journey available even for those who are fighting the disease at this very moment.

Enjoy this game-changing application at: https://defeatcovid.space

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