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Simple Solutions strives to make home reorganization a stress-free experience, they will give a cash offer with no hidden fees or commissions. Close when convenient, in as little as 7 days.

Charleston, South Carolina, May 31, 2020, As the COVID-19 Pandemic rages on, the economical damage to homeowners will be difficult to turn around. Many people have lost their jobs, either temporarily or permanently. This means they could not pay their mortgage payments and may lose their home. People in this predicament have to make the decision to either tough it out and maybe lose their home, or bail-out now and get their hands on some cash. In most cases, they can rent back until they are ready to move.

“American Simple Home Solutions “ is launching a new campaign in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. “Hope Recovery“ will be focused on South Carolina, in the distressed housing market areas of Charleston and Myrtle Beach to bring relief for homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments.

“Simple Solutions” offers remedies for foreclosure by buying houses fast, no commissions, no closing costs, with cash. They offer Simple Solutions through transparent negotiations, with  mortgage companies or with a Network of Investors.

Dan Norwood, President of American Simple Home Solutions planned the “Hope Recovery”  campaign in South Carolina after it was apparent the tourism fueled economy would take one of the worse hits of any state, only second to Nevada, in loss jobs and businesses closings, driving home values down and foreclosures up.

Mr. Norwood remembers the crash of 2008 well, as he was of victim to the 28% Fair Market Value depreciation. From late 2008 until mid-2009, the stock market lost 60% of its value, plunging home prices to 50% of the markets bottom. Although the depreciation of FMV was not as sudden and steep as the stock market plunge, by mid-2010 the full effects exploded, sending 1 in 3 home-owners into foreclosures across the country.

Have your house sold In 7 Days or less, regardless of its condition or your financial situation. They also specialize in Short Sales, allowing you to completely avoid a foreclosure and its consequences. Unlike real estate agents, they will purchase your house for their own portfolio, or to provide housing for relocating employees and executives. Get started today with a FREE home evaluation.

For complete information, visit: https://simplesolutionsbuysyourhouse.com/

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