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In this new book, readers will be inspired to become a passionate, wise, tactical, high-integrity Conscious Leader who will have a wealth of insights to bring to any business. 

Zurich, Switzerland, June 5, 2020, Ana Ortega has released her much anticipated short new book and her fans will not be disappointed. In “The Conscious Leader of the New Millennium”, Ana explains that there is a serious problem in many businesses and corporations today. More leaders than ever before are either resigning or being forced out by shareholders because of horrible performance or scandals.

The public perceives this as some corporations just do not care about them, the environment, their employees, the planet, children, or the future. Greed, competition, company mergers, and hardline business tactics have given many businesses and corporations an evil name and for good reason. One need only to be aware of the news to see what is really going on in the corporate world.

In this Digital Age, the power of social media has forced many companies to change due to a new army of consumers and customers who will quickly and easily destroy any business that they do not like. Corruption and greed are being exposed, and most companies are paying the price for hiring poor leaders who were only in it for themselves.

The Conscious Leader of the New Millennium” clearly shows why conscious leadership is the answer. Readers learn: What it takes to be a conscious leader, what it means to be conscious, how growth mindset can be the guiding light, the power of silence and following one’s intuition, how to keep your integrity in an egocentric business environment, how to take conscious risks, when to retreat and how to be a full 360 conscious leader.

Within these pages, you will find a simple roadmap to becoming an aspiring new 360 conscious leader in clear, concise yet profound, simple language that will either help you to get your next management position, or help you to hire one.

This is a new millennium and a technocracy. Times have changed, and if you aren’t ready for the next wave of conscious style leadership that is necessary in today’s open and transparent business world, you’re going to be left in the dark – whether you’re leader, or a business hiring a leader.

About the Author:

Ana Ortega is a writer and philosopher of new thinking who was born in the south of Spain. Her parents taught her the value of hard work, perseverance and loving one’s neighbor, and instilled in her a love for writing. While in Spain, Ana studied Audiovisual Communication and worked as a freelance newspaper columnist. She spent her early adulthood in England, the United States, and Latin America, working in marketing and becoming a seasoned financier. In this most productive stage of her professional life, she served as a consultant, communicator, and finance professional, while continuing her work as a writer.

Currently, Ana is an internationally recognized Life Coach, who lives and works in Switzerland. In addition to writing and continuing her research on New Age Philosophy, she teaches courses that have led to her being considered an expert in the philosophy of new thinking, and she has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. Please send comments and suggestions to ana@anaortega.org. Follow the adventures of the author on Twitter: @ConsciousAna

For complete information, visit: www.amazon.com/Ana Ortega

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