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The CDC along with top Physicians and Scientists warn against spreading the Coronavirus by touching things and then touching the face or mouth. Kids touch their face and put fingers in their mouth an unbelievable amount of times in just one day. The “Nipit Hand Stopper” is a solution that works.

Bakersfield, California, June 6, 2020, As the COVID-19 Pandemic rages all over the globe, medical science has learned that the virus can be spread through touching contaminated surfaces and then touching the face or mouth. It can remain active for 2-days on things like handrails, door handles, and anything else that is touched by the public. Adults can monitor themselves and use precautions. On the other hand, kids can easily pick-up the virus and become carriers, even without symptoms.

The “Nipit Hand Stopper” has become a hot topic of conversation among concerned parents, as it is the only device effective at limiting hand-to-face habits in kids. Instead of your child having to wear a device on his or her hand, Nipit is worn around their arm, allowing for normal development and play – it only limits their fingers from reaching the face. Interestingly, Nipit was design to break the thumb sucking habit, pre-COVID19. There are a few benefits to this design that no other anti-thumb-sucking product can claim. There is no chance of slobber and germ build up as with the thumb guards. Possibly most importantly, kids seem to think Nipit is “cool” because of its colorful design and soft material, and so they actually like wearing it – as we all know, child collaboration is essential to success.

“StopThumbSucking.org” is the World’s #1 Resource on Thumb Sucking since 2014. It is the first and one-of-its kind comprehensive website dedicated to helping parents learn about all-things thumb sucking. The website includes top quality articles by dentists, detailed product reviews, guides and instructions for parents, downloadable motivational charts, and a community section for parents to share experiences. The site answers any question a parent may have about thumb sucking, its pros, and cons, when to stop thumb sucking, and why it is important to make thumb sucking stop. It also discusses alternative treatments, including home remedies and inter-oral dental appliances for the prevention of the habit.

During a recent interview, Jane Sarrow, lead editor of “StopThumbSucking.org”, made these comments, “Our friends and family find it strange that we’ve taken a big chunk out of our lives to review devices that help kids stop thumb sucking. Well, we think it’s a bit weird too, but if you had witnessed and paid for as many teeth corrections as we have, endured the whining and tears and unsuccessful bribery, then you would understand what we are all about. We believe that we are among the only people in the world who have spent this much time and energy dealing with methods to stop thumb sucking, both successfully and unsuccessfully.”

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