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To qualify for the list, an honoree must be working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, making an impact, and saving lives. Roles considered were doctors, nurses, physician assistants, aides, emergency medical technicians, and maintenance
and janitorial workers, among others.

Chicago, Illinois, July 1, 2020, The Best Home Healthcare Network of Chicago is pleased to announce that they have been chosen as a distinguished Honoree of the CRAIN’S 2020 Notable Health Care Heroes List. This is quite an honor and only awarded to the front-line heroes who endured and performed in an extraordinary manner in rendering services to patients and their families suffering during the COVID-19 virus.

Their Home Healthcare Services were put to the test during the COVID-19 Pandemic as it swept across the globe. In fact, many healthcare services were forced to either downsize or shut down completely as a result of the economic impact due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many healthcare agencies are not admitting new patients because of lack of PPE’s, ill staffing, or are reusing PPE’s from one home into another home and spreading the virus. This is NOT the case with Best Home Healthcare Network.

During a recent interview, Iqbal Shariff, President of Best Home Healthcare Network, made these comments, “Our company has been in high demand because of our preparedness since Day 1 of the pandemic. We possess a surplus in disposable PPE’s, including: isolation gowns, DuPont Tyvex Biohazard Coveralls, N95, surgical masks, booties, etc, and leave medical devices, such as pulse ox, blood pressure cuffs, etc, at patients homes to prevent the infection from spreading from one home visit to other home visits. Our clinicians are compliant with infection control protocols. What this means is that you will have high quality care with predictable outcomes.”

What this means is that preventing medical errors is part of the protocols at Best Home Healthcare Network. After all, “patient safety” is synonymous with preventing medical errors.

Best Home Healthcare Network provides short-term in-home patient rehabilitation supervised by a certified physician, among other available services. The team rose to the challenge and went beyond their everyday service offerings. The Best Home Healthcare Network staff of Nurses, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are at the ready to visit Coronavirus Patients as they return home from the hospital and are in need of continued healthcare.

They go above and beyond to make sure that patients have the best chance of healing by having home access to medical diagnostic devices and Skilled Nursing Care. Any service that can be performed safely by a non-medical person without nurse supervision isn’t skilled nursing care. When a patient requires a skilled home healthcare nurse, Best Home Healthcare Network is on-call with exceptional assistance.

The company also reports that they connect low-income patients with social-service organizations that can give aid in making sure they have food and household goods. The firm’s veterans of the HIV Crisis were on hand to give training to the younger members of the staff on how to operate during a Pandemic.

During a recent interview, Iqbal Shariff, President of Best Home Healthcare Network, made these comments, “Our business model is to treat each patient the same way we would treat our parents, siblings or children. We accomplish this through state-of-the-art technology, quality nursing and therapy, good old-fashioned care and compassion.”

For complete information, visit: http://www.bhhcare.com/

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