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JustAskme sets a whole new paradigm in the way people can interact with their favorite persons of interest, celebrities, sports figures and the rich and famous. 

New York, New York, July 2, 2020, JustAskme.com is introducing the next generation of enhanced fan and follower experience. Imagine, on one online platform will be found the cream of the crop in all walks of life. People that idolize superstars, followers of influencers, and starstruck fans of the rich and famous will now have access for direct contact with some very important people.

Not only can questions be asked, but videos can be requested by users of the platform. Anyone can become a member of JustAskme and enjoy the most authentic and personal interaction with their favorite celebrity, sports figure, movie star, influencer, business mogul, and others.

The economics of this new concept platform are very intriguing. Not only is this a great way for people of notoriety to be available to their fans and followers, it is a way to monetize their personal brand while earning income at the same time. They can set their own rates for answering questions and making videos. If they are approached with some offbeat idea for a video, or too personal a question, they have the option to decline the invitation.

Members of JustAskme will have the awesome opportunity to approach famous people they have been following for years. They can ask questions or request a personalized video. The excitement level is through the roof when a member receives a video from an award-winning star or athlete. Members will periodically receive a Newsletter as new talent joins the site. If their requests are not fulfilled, they will receive a full refund.

The platform is attractive and easy to navigate. Users have a dashboard that lets them view and manage all the payments, features, and questions received. By accessing the Dashboard, they can edit their Account settings and profile, view their payment history, view question received, and view their profits.

For complete information, visit: https://www.justaskme.com

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