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This will be a 7 track Bhajan album that brings together musical elements from both traditional Indian and Western cultures to inspire the next generation and spread the love for Bhajans. 

London, United Kingdom, July 13, 2020, There are a myriad of new music releases that all compete for the attention of music affecionados on a daily basis. At times, an artist launches a new album or single, that instantly rises to the top and becomes the pinnacle of music prowess. Such is the case with Bhavik Haria’s new inspirational Indiegogo project.

Bhavik is a London based singer, known for his versatility of performing Bhajans, Bollywood songs and Ghazals with equal love and passion. His mellifluous & powerful voice has an incredible range. A voice that soothes the soul. Bhavik has travelled around the world performing at various events, both private and public to audiences ranging from 50 – 40,000.

After building overwhelming anticipation and performing a number of online virtual concerts during the 3 month Lockdown for people around the world and private communities, Bhavik has brought together people from all corners of the world which has, in turn, created this social family.

During a recent interview, Bhavik made these comments, “I know we are living in a major world crisis right now. And I have to confess, I did not know whether I should release this now or later, but you know what – we need the power of music more than ever right now.”

Bhavik Haria is aiming to produce this album with these supporters and have them be his record label. Bhavik’s goal is to raise £15,000 which is inclusive of music licensing, production and delivering the album. Anything over this will go towards the PR and marketing budget for launching the album. There are a number of rewards which supporters can get in return, from signed CDs, to handmade tote bags and private performances.

With the opportunity to collaborate with many talented musicians and producers from all around the globe, Bhavik is planning to create something truly inspirational, ensuring the legacy of Bhajans lives on through many more generations.

Bhavik said, “For me, this album is a culmination of the last ten years working on my craft and creating something for tomorrow’s future. I strongly feel that this music is for all generations and it can really be experimented to create something contemporary without losing its heritage. I am so excited to begin production and can’t wait to perform it in front of all our fans around the world!”

Professor Dr. Atul Shah said, “It is a real delight that Bhavik has decided to produce this unique album to fuse the best of the past and bring it to present generations to inspire them, and to build a better future for all of us.”

Area Director South East for Arts Council England, Hedley Swain, said: “It’s lovely this incredible Indian Art and Heritage be brought to contemporary audiences and fused with contemporary work.”

Along with the album announcement, Bhavik is also planning a series of launch concerts across the UK in early 2021 which will also support multiple charities including CAREducation Trust, a UK based charity that helps educate and empower underprivileged children in India, Africa and Nepal.

Contributors of this Bhavik Haria Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign will become part of helping to make the Global Population aware of this enchanting and soothing type of music. It inspires the soul. At a time of intense worldwide anxiety over the COVID-19 Pandemic, this new album is just what the doctor ordered.

For complete information about the music of Bhavik Haria, visit: https://www.bhavikharia.com/

Be part of the FB Launch at 9pm BST on 16th July, visit: https://www.facebook.com/bhavikharia

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