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Boosters Zone LLC is excited to announce that its’ “Beautiful Baby Photo Brackets Contest” will begin on August 15, 2020. The competition is a virtual fundraiser for a variety of charities. 16 contestants have been chosen from a variety of different sports. 

Haverhill, PA., July 27, 2020, The first round consists of 8 contests where contestants with large following have been paired with contestants with low followings. The idea is to have people vote by donating an odd amount such as $1, $3, $125 etc. Odd amounts give points. Even amounts take points away from the contestant. Therefore, a donation of $10 will take 10 points away. Each week contestants need to net out more points than their opponent to advance the next round.

The final winner will receive ‘The Silver Sippy Cup” trophy in addition to a Grand prize. Contestants can receive a lot of money but lose points from even donations. The charities will receive approximately 80% of the funds raised.

The proprietary software known as “Bracket Bucks” is the idea of Boosters Zone LLC president E. Philip Brown, who based the idea on fundraisers he had been involved in though his experience as an educator and community activist.

List of Contestants:

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For complete information, visit:  https://boosterszone.wixsite.com/mysite-1/brackets-bucks

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