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“curbsidemall” is a mobile application designed to enable consumers to shop at their local ‘brick and mortar’ merchants without having to physically enter a store. By enabling consumers to browse, select, and pay for merchandise through their mobile phones, contact between consumers can be minimized, thus reducing the overall risk of exposure to the Coronavirus. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 4, 2020, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had the biggest impact on the global economy since World War 2 and while extreme measures like country-wide lockdowns must be put into place, the impact of these kinds of measures on the economy could result in more American deaths than the virus itself. It is, therefore, critical to explore alternative solutions to drive and sustain the economy during this unprecedented disaster.

curbsidemall” is the solution that incorporates the “New Normal” while facilitating shoppers and their brick & mortar shopping destinations. This brilliant mobile app enables consumers to browse, select, and pay for merchandise through their mobile phones, contact between consumers can be minimized, merchants can reduce staff capacity on shifts, and businesses can keep driving the US economy while reducing the overall risk of exposure to Coronavirus.

Benefits For Consumers:

  • A greatly reduced risk of Coronavirus contraction while shopping.
  • Access to a safe and secure checkout through the mobile application.
  • Exclusive discounts through electronic coupons.
  • Exposure to new retailers.
  • and much more…..

Benefits For Merchants Include:

  • Merchants can increase revenue and brand exposure during a period of low economic activity.
  • Merchants are not obliged to give discounts for using the service and their once-off registration fee is low.
  • “curbsidemall” fees are lower, sometimes significantly, than most retailer’s cost of acquiring a customer through traditional marketing channels. Typically, these channels are demand driven which means that the cost of customer acquisition will sky-rocket once the economic impact of Coronavirus is truly felt and merchants scramble for the consumers that are spending.

Benefits for the United States Government:

  • An alternative channel for consumers and merchants to trade, to help ensure that the economy does not slow to irretrievable levels.
  • Lower overall risk of Coronavirus spread.
  • Less public resources required for economic subsidy in the retail sector.
  • The potential to establish the US as a leader in Coronavirus solutions
  • Higher approval ratings as a result of positive impacts on American’s daily lives.

A significant part, if not all, of the recent decline in the economy, can be attributed to physical businesses closing to minimize the spread of COVID-19, as well consumers choosing online alternatives or abstaining from spending altogether. While eCommerce is a viable and safer option, it only consists of around 11%  of US retail. Furthermore, many online businesses are simply brick and mortar businesses with an online presence.

The Coronavirus impacts almost every American daily. Smartphone penetration in America is estimated to be 72.2%  in 2020 and with a population of ~330 million people, all of which participate in the retail industry in some way, the total addressable market is ~238 million consumers. This application can scale technically to support 100 million users in a matter of weeks.

Call For Beta Testers: The team at Curbsidemall has issued an open invitation for Beta Testers to drop a line and join others who are Beta Testing this great game-changing App.

For complete information, visit: https://www.curbsidemall.com/

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