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Company Hires Lori Moore as Education Director to Deliver a Unique, Streamlined, Efficient Way for Children to Homeschool. 

Atlanta, Georgia, August 4, 2020. Kids Connected, an online, interactive, virtual activity and learning platform for children, announced today the launch of a virtual homeschool program which provides a high quality and efficient learning experience for children. The program is designed for families that desire an alternative to the typical public or private school experience but are not comfortable taking on the entire responsibility of teaching a homeschool curriculum.

Tony Pritchett, Co-Founder of Kids Connected, commented, “We decided to start this program when we realized how complimentary it was to our virtual activity platform. We reached out to our network and everything just seemed to fall in place. We could not be happier that we were able to hire Lori Moore as our Education Director to get the program off the ground. Lori brings 17 years of teaching experience to our team, including several years spent teaching with an online charter school.  She has the ideas and background necessary to really help us create something unique.”

The Kids Connected guided homeschool program is designed to help teach children their specific grade level core curriculum. The courses include live classes daily and dedicated, certified teachers who teach the 4 core subjects – Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts.  One live class is taught each day that is appropriate in terms of duration based upon the realistic attention span of students in each grade level, followed by some independent computer work to reinforce concepts taught and assess each student’s progress.  The fifth day of the week is for small groups or one-on-one instruction and will be individualized to what each child needs in terms of reinforcement or enrichment.

According to Pritchett, “The biggest benefit of the Kids Connected program is the focused curriculum that doesn’t require unnecessary hours in front of a computer. Children are able to progress through the four core subjects in an efficient manner, with the flexibility to focus on non-core subjects at their leisure.”

Lori Moore, Education Director of Kids Connected, commented, “When Tony started talking to me about joining the Kids Connected team, I was immediately excited. This type of high quality, relationship-based offering has been lacking and I have always wanted to be able to deliver a better virtual learning experience to children than what previously existed. I am thrilled to be at the forefront of developing the platform and have the ability to ensure it is done right. The complementary nature of the virtual activity platform and the guided homeschool program is just a bonus that I think will benefit homeschool families immensely. I’m excited for our school year to start.”

For complete information, visit:   https://www.kidsconnected.com/

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