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They produce custom recorded video content to each child. Children receive 3 videos, 3 days/week. No child receives all the same content at the same time. 

Snohomish, Washington, August 8, 2020, In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, centers of education have been drastically affected. This includes early childhood education such as Preschooling and STEM courses. The Mighty Kids Virtual Academy has a brilliant solution and recently launched their unique Online Preschool Program. It is a full-service preschool with regular lessons in Language, Writing & Fine Motor, Mathematics, Social/Emotional development, STEM, and Crafts.

In fact, their SaaS Web App was created by a Preschool Teacher and a software developer after their in-person STEM preschool had to shut down because of the Coronavirus. They perform a comprehensive assessment to determine each child’s individual needs. Then they produce custom recorded video content to each child. Children receive 3 videos, 3 days/week. No child receives all the same content at the same time. Live small group Zoom classes with an experienced teacher 3 days per week. Assessment standards are research-based kindergarten readiness metrics taken from the NAEYC & CDC.

The Mighty Kids program is designed to help parents not only navigate distance learning but take away the pressure of finding curriculum, lessons, and activities to advance child learning. Each child will receive content created by one of their experienced teachers. The lead teacher has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and their other teachers have a combination of associate’s degrees and/or 20+ years of experience in the education field. They have worked in the public-school system, special education, and private preschools. Also, they have received countless state trainings in the areas of ECE, social emotional development, developmentally appropriate practices and more.

The Mighty Kids Virtual Academy also serves families, Microschools/Pods, and preschools looking to outsource parts or all of their distance learning offerings within their communities.

Some Features & Benefits:

  • Assessments: Their initial comprehensive assessment will determine where your child is in all areas of Kindergarten readiness in Math, Writing & Fine motor, Language and Literature, and Social Emotional learning.
  • Daily Lessons & Activities: After the initial assessment, they curate three lessons, three days per week and make them accessible in your child’s classroom.
  • Daily Live Zoom: Live Zoom classes will be held daily and students may choose 3 per week to attend.
  • Grows With Your Child: As your child continues to assess every semester, their curriculum will change with them to reflect their growth in each area.

Parents may choose the pricing plan that makes sense for them. All plans include access to the comprehensive testing and 3 day a week academy content.

For complete information, visit: https://mightykidspreschool.com/

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