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This information is meant to help employees who are parents better manage their anxiety, worry, and stress associated with managing their children going back to school in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, August 16, 2020, The COVID-19 Pandemic has been the cause of a tremendous amount of anxiety. It can and does, hurt employee performance. Information leads to knowledge, and knowledge eases anxiety and the fear factor. Many employers have cut their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) in favor of 800 hotlines, which are not as effective.

Dan Feerst, author and publisher of HandoutsPlus.com, realized that he is in a position to offer this free information better than others because he is in the business of providing a plethora of Workplace Wellness Materials. These free items were prepared originally for employee assistance programs nationwide, but he is concerned few workers would gain access to these materials. They are therefore letting any human resource manager, workforce management professional, or CEO download them free without cost or obligation.

Included in the free package is a PowerPoint on managing stress and anxiety associated with the Coronavirus. Designed for employees are: reproducible and editable handouts in PDF, MS Publisher, and MS Word, a Web video for employers based on the PowerPoint, and a  reproducible/editable handout to distribute to employees who are parents to help them cope with stress and anxiety related to their children going back to school. The anxiety level of parents sending their kids off to school is through the roof, these resource handouts should help lessen their fears.

Dan Feerst wants employees to know that they have the option of receiving other free human resource related workplace wellness tip sheets regularly distributed without cost or obligation. An MP4 video on helping employees face the unique challenges of working remotely is also available.

They offer professionally authored handouts and tip sheets on workplace wellness topics and supervisor skills, reducing risk, improving employee’s assistance program functioning, and helping employees be healthy, happy, and productive. The Frontline Employee Human resources newsletter has been very well received by employers.

About Dan Feerst, Publisher:

Dan Feerst is the most widely read author on employee assistance program (EAP) content for supervisors. He has authored over 3,900 EAP and related wellness articles for FrontLine Supervisor and FrontLine Employee. Monthly readership of FrontLine Newsletters totals over three million employees. Subscribers include the U.S Army, the U.S. Congress, Universities, Hospitals, School systems, and industries.

FrontLine Supervisor has published continuously since 1993. FrontLine Employee has published continuously since 2001. You can find these publications on their other Web site WorkplaceNewsletters.com. You can find 220 other workforce management, HR, and EAP resources and products at WorkExcel.com.

To obtain the free information package visit: www.handoutsplus.com

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