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Physician recommended for: Lower Back Pain Treatment, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Disc Problems, Arthritis, Facet Syndrome, Degeneration, and other Chronic Back Conditions.

Solana Beach, California, August 28, 2020, Back Pain has plagued mankind since the dawn of time. It can do serious damage to a person’s quality of life. There have been all sorts of claimed cures, elixirs, medications both OTC and prescribed, invasive surgical procedures, etc. Sometimes a simple non-invasive solution is equal to or better than all other forms of therapeutic intervention. Such is the case for the “Back Bubble”.

The “Back Bubble” has been helping back pain suffers for more than 35 years. Some call it a miracle, but a new technology has scientifically proven it to be effective. Digital Thermography can actually show through the use of colors the areas of the body that have inflammation. Recent studies have shown the before and after images of lower back pain sufferers, and the results were stunning. Clearly, it can be seen how the area of inflammation vanished in seconds.

This is a Spinal Decompression Device that has earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, is FDA Registered and has been providing back pain relief for thousands of back pain sufferers. The “Back Bubble” is the most comfortable and unique “back traction device” on the market.

The Back Bubble uses air-cushioned, spinal decompression to quickly relieve lower back pain and sciatica. When the Precision Steel Traction Spring opens, so does the spine. The targeted support of the air cushion allows gravity to gently pull the lower bodyweight downward. This relaxes the muscles and safely decompresses the spine. Pressure is immediately taken off the discs and nerves which will make your pain vanish.

Some Of The Features & Benefits of The Back Bubble:

  • The Most Comfortable Spinal Traction, Stretching Device on the Market.
  • You Will be Pain Free and Feel Like You’re Floating On Air.
  • Experience Immediate Relief of Back Pain and Sciatica.
  • Enjoy Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion.
  • Fast and Lasting Back Pain Relief in the Privacy of Your Home.
  • Adjustable for Height, Weight, and Comfort.
  • Deflates for Convenient Storage and Travel.
  • No Need For “Inversion” That Hangs You Uncomfortably by the Ankles.

Physician Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Dr. John Rubinow, MD, has to say, “I won’t put my reputation as a medical doctor behind anything I don’t believe in, but the Back Bubble™ I fully endorse. No tricks or gimmicks, just sound anatomical science. The results speak for themselves.”

Dr. Bruce Bell, DC, Spine Specialist, South Coast Spine Center, made these comments, “The Back Bubble works to relieve pain and it can do so very quickly, in a matter of seconds. It is an extremely fast, safe, and effective way to relieve and in many cases even eliminate back pain. I have been recommending the Back Bubble for about 20 years. I personally use the Back Bubble almost every day.”

You are invited to visit their website and watch their videos and read the “Back Bubble” medical studies to see how much it has to offer those who suffer from lower back problems.

For complete information, visit: https://www.backpainrelief.com/

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