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Studies have shown that it takes 11-months of searching for jobs after graduating a coding school to land one. At CodeX Academy, students are placed in a 90-day paid internship. It will not take 11-months to find a tech job with CodeX. 

Nashville, Tenn., August 30, 2020, As the world attempts to emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, one thing is noticeably clear, there will be a new normal. Countless businesses have been forced to close and many will never reopen. This means that countless jobs have been lost and new skills must be learned. This situation has shown the value of the Internet. After all, social distancing is not a problem for people working online.

The CodeX Academy, the leader in Full-Service Software Development Schools, is offering a discount during these trying times. It is an excellent idea for people looking for a new career to consider software development. Coding can lead to a high paying job or an excellent freelance opportunity.

CodeX is sought after for these Features and Benefits: 

  • MASTERY-BASED: Traditional education programs are set to a rigid schedule while students try their best to stay caught up. CodeX Academy offers a program that is based on your own mastery of the concepts and skills. They do not move on to the next thing until they are sure you have really got it.
  • MENTORSHIP: CodeX Academy believes mentorship is the key to achieving true mastery in programming. As you learn to code, you will get stuck several times (maybe a pesky semi-colon missing). As a CodeX Academy Learner, you have access to a personal mentor who can answer you via chat or even jump on a video call to work it out. Live 1-on-1 mentorship accelerates learning and makes it stick.
  • INTERNSHIP: Certification from a coding school is respectable, but experience beats paper every time. CodeX Academy graduates are given the opportunity to participate in an impactful internship where they can prove out newly learned skills, forge lasting relationships and jump start the “experience” section of their resumes.

Why procrastinate when you can learn to Code in 6-months. Armed with the tools, knowledge and experience you need, you will be ready to take on the world and start making a difference. You can start a business offering Software-As-A-Service, work at a Fortune 500 company building complex enterprise systems or support your favorite open-source project.

Student Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Randy K, Verified Student from Miami, Fl., had to say, “The CodeX curriculum allowed me to work at my own pace with mentors who were flexible with my ever-changing schedule. As a busy professional, the scheduling flexibility made a big difference in helping me successfully complete the curriculum.”

For complete information, please visit:  https://www.codex.academy

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