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They have become the 1st Comedy Club in the World To Use Germicidal UVC Lights to disinfect between shows. Apollo UV Disinfection is the first 24-Hour provider of COVID-19 Air & Surface Disinfection Services & Lights. Eliminates up to 99% of most major Bacteria, Viruses and Pathogens. 

Woodbridge, New Jersey, September 1, 2020, As the country is dealing with post Covid-19 Lockdowns, business owners need to consider how to operate their business while incorporating measures to prevent the spread of the virus. This means that Masks and Social Distancing are not the only considerations. Testing and disinfection will become the “New Normal”.

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, The Stress Factory Comedy Club Owner, Vinnie Brand and Comedian Andrew Schulz, successfully treated for pathogenic viruses using UVC disinfection lights & services by Apollo UV Disinfection to provide a safe live comedy venue. Successfully showing Governor Murphy that The Stress Factory is taking the Covid-19 Pandemic seriously and is serious about providing the safest live comedy venue in the world.

Apollo UV Disinfection successfully tested its UVC Modular Germicidal Array in between shows performed by comedian & podcast king Andrew Schulz. With over 1 million Instagram followers, and over 1 million YouTube subscribers, Andrew is taking over as the king of comedy during these Covid-19 times. He also hosts podcasts like the Brilliant Idiots with Charlamagne tha God & Flangrant 2 with Akaash Singh, Alexxmedia, and Markygagnon.

Apollo UV Disinfection demonstrated how its Modular UVC light could be used to disinfect the bathroom, ATM, Green Room, bar, seating areas, tables, stage, and comedian’s microphone. Apollo UV Disinfection sees its UV Disinfection Services and UVC lights being used in live comedy clubs across the nation. It can play a role in modern movie & TV show production providing safe working spaces in a post Covid-19 world.

Apollo UV Disinfection is systematic in their UV-C Disinfection Protocols:

  • The device is activated. and UV treatment takes place for the specified contact time.
  • The treatment is filmed so that you can share the process with your customers or family.
  • UV-C dosimeters are placed in the most used areas to verify UV dosage.
  • On-Site advanced ATP surface testing can be provided to measure disinfection results.
  • Offsite testing of surfaces via a lab can be provided for specific viruses including COVID-19
  • Signs and decals provided after disinfection is completed.

Apollo UV Disinfection is highly sought after for:

Apollo UV Disinfection also features Commercial UV Disinfection & Upper Air Fixture Installation and Maintenance. If you have a commercial building, you need to provide proven UV-C disinfection services that are large and powerful enough to provide sufficient surface disinfection of most major bacteria, viruses and pathogens to satisfy the whole building and its occupants.

Aside from industrial germicidal UV-C design and installation consulting, they also provide UV disinfection maintenance services to keep your commercial space operations running optimally. Companies do not necessarily need to close operations if they can provide UV disinfection.

For complete information, visit: http://apollouvdisinfection.com/

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