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Mexico City, Mexico, September 4, 2020, For Aristóteles Vaca Pérez, a Mexican specialist in the agribusiness sector, digitization and technology are great tools to combat poverty and hunger around the world.

Vaca Pérez, pointed out that in these moments of the Coronavirus Pandemic, “We must be aware that life after it will be different, so it is convenient to rethink agricultural processes and bet on digital innovation. This is achieved through advice and personalized agricultural information, because through digital innovation, farmers can increase their levels of productivity and income, which translates into greater food production,” he explained.

Vaca Pérez recalled that in Odisha, India, the Precision Agriculture for Development Organization offers free agricultural advice in a personalized way for each type of crop to more than 800 thousand farmers through their mobile phones.

“Digital agriculture is very important for producers to be more competitive worldwide, since they have the possibility of improving their practices and increasing the yield of their crops,” said Vaca Pérez.

Aristóteles Vaca Pérez also highlighted that the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development has sought a way to support farmers to optimize their water levels through remote sensors, in addition to using drones to locate plants that are in poor condition and the pertinent measures for its conservation can be taken.

After the meeting of ministers and secretaries of agriculture from the entire American continent, the agribusiness specialist, Aristóteles Vaca Pérez, applauded the coordination of actions to guarantee the food supply in the face of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

One of the most important points highlighted by the ministers was the availability of food and its sale at convenient prices. Given this, Vaca Pérez pointed out that both production and distribution must be carried out with the least possible risk to the health of those who participate in this process.

“To guarantee the distribution of food among the American countries, the health of all those who participate in this food chain must be taken care of, as it is essential to boost regional trade,” explained Vaca Pérez.

He also highlighted the importance of working together and closing ranks in the face of the crisis facing the whole world due to the coronavirus. “Fostering cooperation between countries is very important to have better conditions for public policies, especially in the agro-industrial sector, as it is vital to keep the whole world on its feet,” said Aristóteles.

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