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The CodeX Process of Automatically Placing Their Students in Paid Internships Has Boosted Their Student’s Marketability in The Tech Job Market. 

Nashville, Tenn., September 9, 2020, The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything, creating what some call a “New Normal”. However you want to describe it, you better be on board for a new highly competitive job market. Businesses and employees were doing very well pre-Coronavirus. All that is changed with many companies calling it quits leaving their staff sometimes unpaid and left out in the cold.

This is a perfect time for many people to train for something new. Being that this is the Digital Age, it makes a lot of sense to be part of it as opposed to it passing you by. CodeX students are getting guaranteed internships that are leading to interviews with top companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Frontier Airlines, and many more. This process has helped their students gain experience that is required to be put in a position to land jobs a lot sooner than most of their peers.

CodeX Academy, is the undisputed leader in Full-Service Software Development Schools. They will continue to be the dominant force in this industry because their courses and resources are the best on the market. It is an excellent idea for people looking for a new career to consider software development. Coding can lead to a high paying job or an excellent freelance opportunity.

Create A New Future With Any of These CodeX Programs: 

  • Front-End Developer: As a Front-End Developer, you are the master of the user interface. Everything the user clicks, feels, sees and experiences is a result of your work in the front-end. Using technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript, you build the interfaces that move our culture.
  • Full-Stack Developer: Being a Full-Stack Developer means you can be trusted with every development angle of a software application. You are able to develop and maintain features in all layers including the user interface, the browser logic, back-end API’s, business domain and database. You are such a versatile developer that very seldom is it necessary to call in a specialist. You are plan A and plan B.
  • Full-Stack Engineer: Projects live and die because of leadership. As a Full-Stack Engineer, you are trained in the arts of “Agile Software Development” and can help lead the entire development team to victory through sound project management, Agile and Lean practices, and principled software development techniques.

CodeX Academy Developer Programs are designed by Byron Sommardahl, a veteran full-stack software engineer, Agile leader, architect, and CTO with more than 30-years of development experience. Byron is from Nashville, TN, where he runs the technical arms of three successful tech startups.

A “Full-Stack Developer” is someone who can build world-changing apps and websites from top to bottom, from what you can see to all the unseen inner-workings. CodeX Academy currently offers learning pathways for popular web-based technologies including: ReactJS, NodeJS and both PostgreSQL and Mongo databases. Along the way, you will also be exposed to practices and principles that will make you a more effective player on an Agile development team.

Student Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Randy K, Verified Student from Miami, Fl., had to say, “The CodeX curriculum allowed me to work at my own pace with mentors who were flexible with my ever-changing schedule. As a busy professional, the scheduling flexibility made a big difference in helping me successfully complete the curriculum.”

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