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 Yerlin is a Costa Rican transformational leader who has dedicated her life to discover and learn the magic that surrounds her. She is a passionate seeker of truth; connecting the scientific and spiritual worlds to help people manifest energy into matter in order to create and live a beautiful and abundant life that’s full of purpose and contribution. 

Costa Rica, September 8, 2020, Yerlin Ramirez is a sought-after Transformational Leader & Lecturer. Her journey to self-enlightenment and self-awareness has taken her through several careers and in achieving 7 careers, four masters and working with world-renowned shamans, healers and neuroscientists, Yerlin is an incredibly passionate seeker of truth, here to show others the way.

Yerlin has launched her much anticipated “Women Born To Shine” program. This program is going to give $40,000 worth of scholarships to three women in vulnerable conditions who wish to totally transform their lives. These high-ticket programs include:

  • The Quantum Integration Method: The mindset of success and rewiring the neuro connections of the brain.
  • How to start an online business and monetize an idea all the way from zero to launch, automation and expansion.
  • The energy training of abundance, wealth creation and deep understanding of the energetic aspects when it comes to calling in the vibration of abundance.

These programs together have more than 45 hours of golden wisdom to absolutely transform their lives and thrive. As a Bonus, they also receive 30 days of personal coaching.

Are you ready to go on a journey of radical transformation as you awaken your magical powers? Combining scientific knowledge with spiritual wisdom, Yerlin will show you how to connect the logical mind to your heart and soul. Together, you will elevate your vibrational frequency, so you can live a life of freedom and abundance.

Now is the time to discover your true purpose in life and take actions that bring you closer to achieving it.

  • Personal Transformation: Break habit patterns, rewire your thought process through neurocognitive sciences, the psychology of self-realization, the axis of change model, neuroplasticity and much more. This entire transformation system offers the most effective tools to date. Get ready to begin a journey that takes you far beyond any other coaching model.
  • Quantum Integration Method: Quantum Integration Method is the result of her life’s work and learnings from multiple teachers, healers, shamans, gurus and masters. More than a million dollars has been invested into learning the best tools, so she can show you the science behind energy and how to recode the neuro matrix of the human brain.

This method helps you to shift all that no longer serves you, dramatically shifting emotions, feelings and behavioral patterns that hold you back. You will experience quantum leaps in your own development, providing clarity and clear direction that unlocks your true potential. You get MACRO results in MICRO time.

  • Money and Abundance: The universe is always asking… “show me your vibration and I will show you miracles.” The higher your vibration, the faster your manifestation. It is all a game
    of energy. When you learn to cultivate a smooth and balan+ced energy flow within, you’ll witness amazing things manifesting around you.

During a recent interview, Yerlin made these comments, “I have moved through periods of darkness. I have been presented with challenging situations that showed me the power that we have as creators of our reality, whatever that is. With every stage of healing and evolving, I grew more determined to look within and learn everything I could about the magic of the universe, energy, frequency and vibration.”

She goes on to say, “I now dedicate my life to helping others move through whatever stands in the way of their happiness and fulfilment. I am here to share with you how to find true alignment with God, Source, your higher power – so you can experience all that you deserve in every area of your life. My commitment is to you and to your power as creator, there is magic around, if we can just believe! Are you ready? Let’s create magic.”

For further information, visit: https://yerlinramirez.com

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