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Advocating better hand washing to stop the transmission of disease-causing pathogens.

Seattle, WA, September 10, 2020, NION, an innovative brand of skin cleansing products, just launched its PURITY Hand Scrubber on Indiegogo in an effort to help curb the spread of disease transmissions. With this product, NION hopes to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other illness by changing the way people wash their hands.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise worldwide, the CDC stressed the importance of using personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect oneself in public areas. It also emphasized the importance of proper handwashing to prevent the increased spread of disease-causing germs. This inspired the skincare experts at NION to develop a new product that can help fight the pandemic.

The PURITY Hand Scrubber combines the skin cleansing powers of NION’s S-ION Technology® silicone and the anti-bacterial properties of silver. It was designed to mimic the scrubbing practices of medical professionals for more thorough cleansing. To test its effectiveness, a study was conducted with leading universities. The results showed that hands washed using PURITY Hand Scrubber were three times cleaner* compared to those washed the traditional way. Even when used with just water, the PURITY Hand Scrubber still showed much cleaner hands.

To make sure that the PURITY Hand Scrubber is available for everyone, NION launched it on Indiegogo. It is optimistic that people will support its efforts to help stop the pandemic through a product that improves the thoroughness of hand washing. With its commitment to protect as many people as it can, NION is looking to donate hand scrubbers to charitable organizations to help communities with challenging hygiene and health situations.

Moreover, the proceeds will also be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross’s COVID-19 emergency appeal. NION encourages everyone to do their part in fighting the pandemic. Let us all work together to help stop #COVID19 now.

About NION:

NION is an innovative brand of skin cleansing devices. They are known as the creators of leading age-defying products that harness the benefits of nature’s negative ions. It’s clinically proven proprietary S-ION Technology® combines negative ion-generating tourmaline with premium body-safe silicone to give pores a deeper clean while increasing blood circulation to promote faster healing of tissues, resulting in the reduction of pore sizes and fine lines.

For more information about NION Purity Hand Scrubber, please visit:  https://nionbeauty.com/

To participate in the NION Crowdfunding Campaign please visit: https://igg.me/at/nionpurity

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*The study of 20 participants showed that an average remaining bacteria count of 36% with washing only with water compared to an average of 11% bacteria remaining by the combined use of the NION PURITY Hand Scrubber with water.