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Dan Mount shares secrets to attracting & converting more high-value patients. He reveals how you can be the top “go-to” dentist for high-value procedures like implants and smile makeover cases in your local market and not have to discount your services. 

Alliston, Ontario, September 10, 2020, Dan Mount, President of The Practice Marketers, has just released his fifth book. “Secrets to Attracting & Converting More High-Value Patients” — For Dentists Looking for More Profitable Cosmetic & Restorative Cases. This Free marketing book explains how to take a Dental Practice to a new level.

There is no reason to continue operating your dental practice while not maximizing your profit potential. Dan explains how you are losing money if not employing certain marketing strategies that can ramp-up your income streams. Other dental practices have taken a giant leap after reading Dan Mount’s FREE Dental Practice Marketing Books.

Dan’s new book is 174 pages and 15 Chapters of little-known dental marketing secrets that are difficult and costly to learn the hard way. “Secrets to Attracting & Converting More High-Value Patients” will cut short the learning curve to maximizing profits. Dan makes it clear with his Blueprint to unprecedented growth. Simply stated, what you will learn from this book will give you the edge over your peers.

Dan’s company, The Practice Marketers, is one of the premier dental practice marketing firms in North America. In fact, they have helped over 1,500 Dental practices accelerate their production.

They are sought after for such services as:

  • Book Authorship for Dentists
  • Google PPC Ads
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Direct Mail
  • Patient Newsletters

Client Testimonials present a very clear picture. Take a look at what Copperfield Dental Center had to say, “We got 30 new patients in the first three days.”

This is what Stephen Wall, Director of Marketing for Clayburn Dental, said, “The biggest benefit: The results and the number of new patients we’ve been able to generate every month.”

For complete information, visit:  https://www.thepracticemarketers.com/

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