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The CodeX Academy rises to the top of the class with its Guaranteed 90-Day Paid Internships. Many times, leading to students getting hired for permanent jobs at the same companies where they are Interning. 

Nashville, Tenn., September 13, 2020, There has never been a better time to start a new career in Software Development. Whether new to this segment or experienced, CodeX Academy continues to dominate this industry with new and innovative approaches to ensure their students success. Their procedure of routinely putting students in paid Internships improves the student’s ability to get hired within the Tech Job Market.

For students with some degree of existing skills, CodeX will drastically shorten the time period to becoming a Certified Software Developer. These students will be able to speed through the areas they have knowledge of and push towards the end. Full-time students can expect to earn the “Full-Stack Developer” Certification after just 6 months of mentor-led study.

Financing is not a problem. CodeX Academy partners with Climb Credit to offer special financing for any learning plan for a minimum of 3 months, and CodeX is now offering an extra month Free for month to month students.

CodeX Academy, is the undisputed leader in Full-Service Software Development Schools. They will continue to be the dominant force in this industry because their courses and resources are the best on the market. It is an excellent idea for people looking for a new career to consider software development. Coding can lead to a high paying job or an excellent freelance opportunity.

Create A New Future With Any of These CodeX Programs: 

  • Front-End Developer: As a Front-End Developer, you are the master of the user interface. Everything the user clicks, feels, sees and experiences is a result of your work in the front-end. Using technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript, you build the interfaces that move our culture.
  • Full-Stack Developer: Being a Full-Stack Developer means you can be trusted with every development angle of a software application. You are able to develop and maintain features in all layers including the user interface, the browser logic, back-end API’s, business domain and database. You are such a versatile developer that very seldom is it necessary to call in a specialist. You are plan A and plan B.
  • Full-Stack Engineer: Projects live and die because of leadership. As a Full-Stack Engineer, you are trained in the arts of “Agile Software Development” and can help lead the entire development team to victory through sound project management, Agile and Lean practices, and principled software development techniques.

A “Full-Stack Developer” is someone who can build world-changing apps and websites from top to bottom, from what you can see to all the unseen inner-workings. CodeX Academy currently offers learning pathways for popular web-based technologies including: ReactJS, NodeJS and both PostgreSQL and Mongo databases. Along the way, you will also be exposed to practices and principles that will make you a more effective player on an Agile development team.

CodeX Academy does things a bit differently. We have ten “levels”, each representing a usable skill set. Everyone starts at level 1, but not everyone “graduates” at the same level. For example, if you are content with the front-end skills needed to create marketing websites and simple user interactions, you might go for level 3 and stop.

Others want to work as a full-stack developer and take charge of all the systems involved in web applications. Those should target at least level 6. After level 6 comes more levels that guide you through other valuable skills. So, as you can see, you may “graduate” at any level you wish, depending on your personal goals.

Use Promo Code: COVID19 and CodeX will Waive The $50 Application Fee.For complete information, please visit:  https://www.codex.academy

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