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IBeatYou.com was an online multimedia competition site where users challenged each other in hundreds of categories using videos, photos, and text responses. Winning entries were selected by public votes. 

Brooklyn, New York, September 18, 2020, Eric Mitchell Porat, an online entrepreneur, has acquired ibeatyou.com, a site that was way ahead of its time and featured video competitions among friends on a myriad of subjects. It generated over 27 million visits to YouTube. The site was originally launched by a bunch of friends, including Baron Davis from the Los Angeles Clippers, Cash Warren – Jessica Alba’s husband and Abdul Khan. It was popular amongst well-known celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Golden State Warriors guard Baron Davis, Steve Nash, and many others.

The concept of IBeatYou.com was very straight forward, it was a video portal that allowed its users to create competitions. Participants upload or import videos from YouTube, or capture video from a webcam as competition entries. The community then votes on entries using a 5-point rating scale. The site was loved by its members and there is much anticipation about its pending re-launch by Eric Porat.

Eric Mitchell Porat is a successful online entrepreneur, investor, and digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in buying and selling websites. He started by building his first website in 2005, when the digital marketing techniques, traffic channels, and monetization methods were totally different from the world of today. Once he created his first website, he realized that no one was visiting it, that is how he started learning and experimenting with Search Engine traffic and got into SEO. The rest is history.

As a successful entrepreneur, Eric Porat enjoys sharing his knowledge of business through the articles he authors on many highly viewed sites.

For complete information about iBeatYou.com, visit: http://ibeatyou.com/

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