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In a competitive world where everyone is looking to get ahead, it warms the heart to hear about a wholesome initiative where the community gets together to support the community. Although crowdfunding platforms are not new, most are owned by big corporations and lack the grass roots support that Dearly Beloved has garnered.

Emeryville, CA – September 30th 2020, Dearly Beloved Fund has made headlines this week as they announce the launch of their new crowdfunding platform that is set to compete with the likes of GoFundMe and others. Unlike their competition, Dearly Beloved Fund started from a grass roots movement of “community helping community” and has since expanded to the crowdfunding space in an effort to help community fundraising all around the world.

Dearly Beloved Fund, one of the first crowdfunding platforms founded by two African Americans is a prime example of how greatness can be achieved in the face of diversity. The Dearly Beloved crowdfunding platform is completely free for everyone and anyone to create their own campaign and start receiving donations immediately. The platform allows people to raise funds for almost any cause that is most important to them.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for Dearly Beloved Fund was quoted as saying, “Our mission is simple, we want to inspire people to come together when help is needed most. It takes a community to build a community, and we are here only to help facilitate that.”

He went on to say, “Other crowdfunding platforms are straight out of big tech and don’t support the community in the ways that they should – by giving back. We are here to change the game, for the greater good!”

Some of the campaign categories as seen on their website include: Families in need, Education, Honeymoons, Emergencies, Charities, Communities, A New Baby, Weddings, Animals & Pets, Funerals & Memorials, Medical and Help for First Responders.

Visit Dearly Beloved Fund’s official website for more information or to start a campaign by clicking here or following https://dearlybelovedfund.com/

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