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The idea is to use a non-partisan upscale venue where the candidates and moderator will feel more at ease, and hopefully, less confrontational. 

Baltimore, Maryland, October 1, 2020, The recent presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden produced quite a firestorm of comments on social media. If you were a Biden Fan, then you think he faired better. If you are on the Trump Train, you thought he did better. The atmosphere was tense from the first minute of the debate throughout the whole proceeding.

Brian Shulman, Co-owner of The Penthouse Club of Baltimore, instantly knew the solution. Take both candidates out of their element and give them a safe and secure, comfortable place to have a debate, complete with a restaurant on premises. The Secret Service can be accommodated to ensure safety and security are paramount. Access to the Roof, normally forbidden, will be provided to the various government agencies.

The Penthouse Club of Baltimore is not your regular gentlemen’s club. Its size of 13,000+ sq.ft. put it in a class of its own. During the debate, a respectable atmosphere will be maintained. At The Penthouse Club – Baltimore, guests can expect an elevated bar menu that includes appetizers, burgers, steaks, desserts and more. Mouthwatering menu options give you a culinary experience like no other.

The club’s interior is massive and can easily be transitioned into a 5-Star Debate Venue. Parking is adequate and can be expanded. What is needed is to have the two sides meet at the club and have a serious discussion as to the feasibility of this idea. Perhaps a moderator like Joe Rogan would be considered. At any rate, the Presidential Debates can use an upgrade, and this could be just what the doctor ordered.

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