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The side effects and the associated costs from opioid prescriptions effect almost 30% of all health plan members prescribed a painkiller in America. These costs can represent up to 15% of total health plan expenses each year. And, until now, these costs have not been able to be identified due to the complexity of tracking the variations of opioid prescriptions, side effect medical conditions and co-morbidity of chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma.  

Des Moines, IA – October 23, 2020, Opioid Clinical Management today announced the release of a new software solution, Opioid Rx 2.0, that is meant to help businesses by lowering healthcare costs while at the same time saving lives by reducing the effects of Opioid prescribing within their network. Opioid Rx 2.0 is a patent-pending complete solution that analyzes metrics and behaviors and then intervenes to help identify employees impacted by their opioid prescription and the providers who continue to prescribe painkillers to these health plan members.

Opioid Clinical Management, Inc (“OPCM”) is a unique technology company that provides opioid prescription risk/case management for large self-insured employers through its Opioid Prescription (ORx) Suite©. Unique software algorithms combined with artificial intelligence technology (ORx Risk Profiler©) allows OPCM to confidentially identify providers that are not adhering to best practice for a company’s employees. The majority of network providers are not trained in pain management and painkiller prescribing, resulting in painkillers not being discontinued when the therapeutic benefit of opioids has been reached.

For businesses, the opioid crisis is more than just an HR problem, it is a financial one. It’s estimated that 4% or more of all members of a healthcare plan are abusing their pain prescriptions, which represents 15% of all healthcare costs. That is money out of a business’s bottom line. The solution is math, in the form of a proprietary predictive analytics solution, Opioid RX 2.0. The principal inventor headed an opioid detox center for 10 years providing access to clinical data elements that formed the core of the theory that there are indicators early in a patient’s regiment of an opioid prescription.

Learn how Opioid RX 2.0 can help lower the cost of group healthcare insurance by visiting Opioid Clinical Management’s website at http://www.opioidcm.com or by simply clicking here.

Watch an informative video on Opioid RX: https://vimeo.com/325679267/10c50274c2.

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