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Anyone can become a solid, competent, and confident negotiator. This book teaches the practical answers and easy-to-follow steps to negotiating well. Whether negotiating with a spouse, a boss, the neighborhood homeowners’ association, for a raise, a large purchase, or in the antique store. 

Alpharetta, Georgia, October 22, 2020, Every successful person has learned, often through trial and error, how to be a competent negotiator. Their success in both their business and personal life is to some extent determined by this ability to negotiate well.  Fortunately, there is now a clear roadmap, so negotiation mastery is much faster and easier for everyone.

A new book recently released by a Master Negotiator, Ruth Shlossman of Castle Negotiations Consulting Group – “Everyone Can Negotiate – Here’s How” – will put everyone on the path to becoming a competent and confident negotiator, and that is a game-changer. The book’s 192 pages are brilliantly arranged into sections that provide a blueprint to follow. Most negotiation books talk about the author’s negotiation success stories. This book gives a step-by-step process so you can create your own negotiation success stories.

For example, often people hesitate to negotiate because they are not sure what to say when their counterpart puts their foot down and refuses to negotiate. She gives a technique everyone can use that will get the other side to enter what she calls the “negotiation circle.”

Ms. Shlossman includes tips for everything from negotiating your salary to handling hardball negotiators.

About The Author:

Ruth Shlossman is the CEO of Castle Negotiation Consulting Group. This book is based on the negotiation techniques she has taught to executives in Fortune 500 companies for more than 20 years in over 20 countries.

Ms. Shlossman is a negotiation practitioner, often called upon to consult with organizations involved in high-stakes negotiations. She is steeped in negotiation research and is committed to incorporating the current best practices in her negotiation training and consulting.

Ruth’s clients are Fortune 500 companies around the globe, including FCA/Chrysler, ArcelorMittal, KPS Capital Fund, Institute for Management Studies, OSI Restaurant Partners and many others.

For complete information, visit: https://castlenegotiations.com/

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