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In a world where “lockdowns” seem never-ending and isolation becomes the norm, it is more important than ever to reach out to the community and bring everyone together. Global Live Meditations will bring people of the astrology community together in a safe virtual environment.

Dunedin, FL – October 25th, 2020, Moon Omens has made international headlines after announcing that their YouTube channel will be hosting live meditations where experts will be discussing astrology, horoscopes, and omens. Moon Omens is a mission-based brand that brings insights and tools to their community in order to help them understand the Omens and signs that surround everyone. Their Instagram account has over 2.3 million active followers, making Moon Omens a major leader and force within the astrology community.

Moon Omens provides Astrology themed blogs, monthly horoscopes, content revolving around the Moon Cycle, Full Moon and New Moon Guided Meditations and Printable Journals. Moon Omens is producing Books/resources to help their community learn more about Spiritual Astrology and the Moon’s influence on daily living. On the first of every month, Moon Omens releases their Monthly Personalized Horoscope e-book that’s roughly 40-50+ pages for each Zodiac Sign.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for Moon Omens was quoted as saying, “You may have seen a Moon Omens post get shared to you recently or a sudden surge of talk about the Full Moon’s and New Moon’s lately at work or around your friend group. This is because of the build-up in energy currently surrounding us all. Some positive energy, some negative energy. The most important aspect of meditation is to learn how to channel positive energy and remove the negative energy from your body.”

He went on to say, “As our community members learn more about their horoscopes and how it affects each aspect of our life, it becomes easier to navigate through those difficult situations that life sometimes presents. On the flip side, it also helps us to identify how the Universe plays a crucial role in everyday living and how the things we do today can change how we feel tomorrow.”

Moon Omens explores the deeper meaning behind each Full Moon, New Moon, Astrological Transit, and shares what they find through their social platforms and website. Every month Moon Omens releases a Moon Calendar PDF with Daily Affirmations that is a free resource for the Moon Omens community.

To learn more about Moon Omens or to become a member of their growing community, visit their official website at https://www.moonomens.com or simply click here.

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