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This app allows users to create an event, invite friends to their event, and find new friends with shared interests. Also, the app enables users to find exciting events nearby as well. 

Burgas, Bulgaria, October 28, 2020, There are thousands of Apps launched every year, yet only a small number of them have real impact on the global society. “I AmGoingTo” has just launched a game-changing app that is changing the way people interact with each other. It can be used all over the globe.

If bored and looking for company, “IAmGoingTo” should be the app of choice. It allows users to create an event, invite friends to the event, and find new friends with shared interests. The app enables users to find exciting events all around, as well.

By creating or joining another person’s event, a user can find several services within the event. For instance, it is easy to meet a surfing coach, sports rental, or snowboarding instructor, who might be of help.

The app is beneficial as follows:

  • It allows users to create and find events in real life. You can find dancing, hiking, snowboarding, chess, fishing, and rollerblading group. It enables you to make friends you share the same interests.
  • Allows you to join other peoples’ events. From the app, you can track other events happening around you or at specifically selected points. The events can be simple or complex in nature. For instance, it could be flight trips, car trips, entertainment joints, and more.
  • The app also allows users to find important services within the event. By searching for events, you can find additional available services within the event. For instance, if you open an event “surfing in Fort Lauderdale,” the app will display any additional services available and useful for surfing. In this case, you can find available surfboard rentals, surf schools or classes, surf instructors, or hostels reserved for surfers in the event. The app will not show users ads. Only search with a convenient filter for the services needed.

Travel can be complicated: Flights arrive at different times. Trains get delayed. Cars break down and the weather never cooperates. Save yourself and your friends from group chat confusion by putting all your itineraries on “iAmGoingTo”.

Traveling to a concert: conference, festival, or event alone? Make some friends and save a little money along the way by coordinating with fellow travelers on “iAmGoingTo”.

Find your event: Search events by category to find the one you are interested in or discover new ones. Feel like hosting? Create a new event and share with your friends with “iAmGoingTo”.

Choose your service: Need to rent a boat? Looking for a couch to crash on? Want to hire a local guide to show you the sights and sounds of a new city? iAmGoingTo can connect you to everything you need to make your adventure a memorable one.

For complete information, visit: http://iamgoingto.net

Download from the Google Play Store HERE.
Download from the Apple Play Store HERE.