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The COVID-19 Pandemic obviously hit the TV & Film industry extremely hard, but this filmmaking couple is finding creative ways to keep the cameras — or at least keep the iPhones rolling.

Los Angeles, California, October 28, 2020, Katherine Sweetman and Jayjit DasGupta both lost industry jobs early on in the Coronavirus Pandemic. The digital series Katherine was on took an indefinite hiatus and the Network TV Show Jayjit was going to work on got pushed into 2021. Jayjit’s debut feature film was on hold and the film festivals that Katherine’s latest film was included in were all canceled or put online. They found themselves in LA, but with the whole industry crashing down around them.

During a recent interview, Katherine made these comments, “It was definitely scary there for a while, but we’ve now had some incredible directing opportunities with a couple of digital and commercial companies, and it has actually been kind of fun to figure out how to continue to work remotely.”

They have a system that is entirely remote. It involves the iPhone 11 Pro Max, a hand-held audio recorder, the Filmic Pro app, and a remote viewer software called Splashtop SOS.

“Although there are other similar kinds of remote viewing platforms, Splashtop has been a gamechanger,” Jayjit Dasgupta said. “It works really well with Filmic Pro and has made this all possible.”

Katherine and Jayjit are not just making media, but also teaching this system to students and others. Jayjit has been working with USC School of Cinematic Arts to provide support with COVID-19 Protocols and Katherine is teaching Digital Media Production at International Technical University. The pair has created a step by step video for their students and for anyone else interested.

A Step-by-Step video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/uBLYPkk8bP8

A remote directed Halloween short film: https://youtu.be/0xJz4kcxrZc

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More of their remotely directed short films can be viewed on the Hooked.co digital platform.

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