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Lombard, IL, October 29, 2020, DuPage Senior Citizens Council (DSCC) launched a new service called Friendly Phone Call service to combat the serious problem of social isolation for homebound seniors. Seniors who are at risk and suffering from isolation because of COVID-19 can now be connected to a volunteer who will regularly call them on the phone.

“Social isolation is a major health risk for seniors living alone. COVID-19 has made this problem even more serious”, said Marylin Krolak, Executive Director, DSCC. “Because a lot of in-home and community services continue to be on hold, a senior might go days without any contact. The Friendly Phone Call service ensures regular connection with seniors at risk”.

Volunteers participating in the service will call a senior on the phone 3 times a week. The calls can be for as little as 15 minutes or longer and helps the senior feel connected. The service matches up seniors with a new friend and helps us keep them safe.

Krolak added, “Volunteers are the real heroes of this new service. They are literally changing lives with something as simple as making a phone call. And because volunteers have the flexibility to call anytime throughout their day, connecting with seniors is easy.”

DSCC’s new Friendly Phone Call service connects volunteers who are looking for new ways to serve others with seniors who are struggling with social isolation during an especially difficult time.

To learn more about DSCC’s new Friendly Phone Call service or to become a volunteer, please Visit DuPageSeniorCouncil.org/Friendly-Phone-Calls. Volunteers are always needed.

About DuPage Senior Citizens Council:

Getting older does not need to mean losing independence and human connection. For over 40 years, DSCC has been providing services designed to keep older adults living in their own home and connected to others.

Please visit www.DuPageSeniorCitizensCouncil.org to learn more.