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In a collection of original drawings, L.J. Rohan with her furry and endearing, canine muse, George Eliot, navigates her humorous and grateful journey through life after fifty. Despite inevitable setbacks, L.J. firmly believes growing older has never been healthier, more positive, or more empowered. 

Dallas, Texas, October 29, 2020, L.J. Rohan was pleased to announce the release of her latest book, – “Live Vibrantly! With L.J. & Her Dog George Eliot”, featuring a collection of original illustrations and upbeat, inspiring messages gathered from real life. Her book gives readers pages of life lessons through the repartee between author L.J. Rohan and her muse, her Havanese dog, George Eliot.

During a recent interview, L.J. made these comments, “This fresh approach helps women look at aging positively with humor and kindness, the overwhelming response from my readers told me it was time to bring these light-hearted life lessons together for the first time,”

She goes on to say, “All women need to keep up with the latest research into the process of getter older vibrantly, and that means embracing the humorous side of our lives as well. George Eliot’s imagined responses help the facts of aging go down much easier”.

L.J. Rohan, a Gerontologist, worked with illustrator Alex Mikev to bring her ideas to paper. Her experience as a gerontologist gives Rohan a unique perspective on the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging; gerontology being the only scientific discipline combining all these aspects of the aging process.

In “Live Vibrantly! With L.J. & Her Dog George Eliot”, the playful banter between Rohan and her real-life companion George Eliot, sets the stage for jokes, charming perspectives, and gentle, but dead-on, witticisms.

Rohan recently launched a nationwide campaign delivering scientific breakthroughs and research to guide women 55 and older to live rich, fulfilling lives. She is a featured guest expert on several nationally recognized radio and podcast programs.

Rohan’s campaign raises awareness through video tutorials, online conversations, a weekly newsletter, and a resourceful website separating the latest in academic and scientific discoveries from conjecture, and unproven theories and treatment suggestions. Her social media outreach has garnered thousands of followers who look forward to her practical advice and informative blog posts published at L.J.Rohan.com.

L.J. Rohan is a Gerontologist, author, and speaker, covering the latest scientific research related to aging, aging in place and the study of gerontology. She earned a Graduate (Master’s Level) Certification in Gerontology, from the University of Southern California’s Davis School of Gerontology. She is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. Access L.J. Rohan’s digital press kit for photographs and digital assets. Contact publicist Diane Montgomery at 214-783-8285 or info@LJRohan.com.

For complete information, visit: https://www.ljrohan.com/

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