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The software development industry is known for its extremely high pricing and difficulty in bring projects to completion. South Geeks plans to change the game by lowering the cost of software development by using offshore development to bring opportunity overseas while reducing costs associated with software development.

Seattle WA – October 28th 2020, South Geeks formally announced today their strategy to provide affordable software development & IT services to companies worldwide looking to create and develop their software for the global market. South Geeks is a software development shop that selects, hires, mentors, coaches and allocates Technology professionals from Latin American countries to work with clients in The US and Canada. Software development is an industry that can sometimes be out of range of possibility due to pricing, however with South Geeks nearshoring strategy, they have been able to provide reasonable pricing to their clients.

South Geeks is a U.S. based company that was founded three years ago by two Latin Americans with deep ties to their roots. The founders of South Geeks bring a wealth of experience to the table with over 25 years of collective experience. Julia Duran, CEO of South Geeks has been the architect mastermind behind hundreds of teams responsible for developing sophisticated software projects. Armed with years of experience working at big corporations such as IBM, Verizon, and Hewlett Packard, she has risen to become a leader in the international IT community.

Her deep connection to Latin America is what allowed them to bring renewed opportunities to talented software developers in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica. They are able to present some of the most competitive pricing for software development to their clients by sourcing only the best talent outside of the United States. South Geeks is considered a very socially responsible company because they are able to identify talented developers, provide them with additional training, while at the same time passing the savings to their clients.

South Geeks are the only company of their kind that offers internal training and performance coaching to every team member, guaranteeing their success. Their team members include computer scientists, engineers, several PhDs and published authors. The team is truly diverse, both in culture and expertise.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for South Geeks was quoted as saying, “South Geeks was born in response to a widening industry epidemic in which low-cost developers were contracted without being sufficiently vetted in favor of saving companies money. This, often times, led to exponentially larger costs in the untimely and improper completion of projects.” She went on to say, “With a strict vision to conduct business consciously, South Geeks delivers the best product and service by carefully sourcing talent competencies from a wide pool of outstanding 14,200+ professionals distributed across Latin America. Once candidates are identified, they participate in rigorous testing before they are presented to clients.”

South Geeks specializes in software development, data science, data engineering, project management and testing projects. They focus only on highly qualified & professional developers to join their team, ensuring that each client receives only the highest standards of work quality and communication. They have the lowest rate of attrition within the industry with a goal of building long term relationships with clients and team members.

To learn more about South Geeks and how they can bring any software development job from A to Completion, visit their official website at http://southgeeks.com/.

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