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There is no doubt that in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic, more students are turning to online learning for their educational needs and current online exams are not exactly “perfection”. Assess.ai, ASC’s newest software, will change the way that exams are created by using AI and psychometrics to personalize exams to each examinee.

Stillwater, MN – November 3rd 2020, ASC has made international headlines this week with the announcement of the launch of a new, cutting edge next-gen digital assessment platform that is designed to make it easier to develop educational, workforce, and certification examinations that leverage best practices and advanced psychometrics. Assess.ai integrates elements of machine learning, AI, and automation to facilitate rapid assessment development. Assess.ai  makes it easier for organizations to develop exams that are psychometrically sound, defensible, and engaging.

Assessment Systems was founded out of the University of Minnesota and has been a trusted provider in computerized testing since its inception. During the 1970’s there was a leading program out of the University of Minnesota involved with the invention of computerized adaptive testing (CAT), supported by funding from the US government. The directors of the program were ASC’s founders, Dr. David Weiss PhD, and his graduate student, Dr. David Vale, PhD. They have since dedicated their lives to perfecting the exam-making experience and making the technology available to everyone.

During a recent interview, ASC’s co-founder and Chairman, Dr. Weiss, was quoted as saying, “We exist to supply best-in-class software platforms and consulting services to support high-quality measurement in completely scalable solutions. Our fundamental goal is to make your tests better, and your assessment-related processes more efficient.” He went on to say, “Dr. Vale and I started Assessment Systems to bring this innovative technology to the public as we feel that many can benefit greatly from utilizing software like this, whether it be the exam-maker or the exam-taker!”

Assess.ai can build modern digital assessments in a matter of hours, with 60 item types, remote authoring, customized item review workflow, and immediate publishing. It also integrates with psychometric analytics software for classical test theory and item response theory; this helps to ensure the reliability and validity of the exam scores. Assess.ai supports computerized adaptive testing (CAT) and multistage testing (MST) which use machine learning models to personalize exams for every examinee. This makes them more secure, more accurate, more engaging, and shorter.

Learn more about Assess.ai by visiting ASC’s official website by simply clicking here or going to http://assess.com

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