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A Bondy Gift Box enables companies to celebrate virtually this Holiday Season. From virtual holiday parties, to a simple way to say “thanks”, their selection of curated gift boxes provide easy solutions. 

Newbury, Ohio, November 9, 2020, The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a Paradigm Shift in how businesses manage and inspire their teams in remote locations. As employers all over the globe saw their workforce vanish from the company headquarters and shift to working from home, it is a challenge to keep the “teams” engaged with each other. It is easy to lose focus while working remotely as an individual. What is the best strategy for stimulating employees to continue to “think” and “interact” like a team member?

The creators of BondyWorld.com were faced with this situation and developed a brilliant solution that has proven itself in the field. Bondy was founded to help companies maintain employee engagement during the unplanned exodus to work from home.

A “Bondy” is a curated gift box designed to deliver a unique and multisensory experience which is shipped right to the doorsteps of your teams and clients. They support your efforts to keep your people engaged and your culture vibrant” said co-founder Lisa Harrington, Employers simply choose the boxes that fit their needs and Bondy ships with a custom note. It is an easy process that always results in smiles.  Employees feel honored and valued. They know their employer cares about them and that they are part of something bigger. At the end of the day, that is what is important to everyone”.

More than just a healthy snack box, the wide range of choices include virtual happy hour, virtual team building and virtual games for teams and clients to experience

Some of the available Bondy box categories to choose from include:

  • Motivate and Energize
  • Build Stronger Teams
  • Appreciate and Recognize
  • Celebrate Virtually
  • Onboard Successfully

Co-founder Kimberly Martinez shared, “At Bondy, we are all about maintaining an interactive and engaged team. We have years of experience in running a virtual organization and understand how challenging it can be to keep your culture vibrant through a zoom meeting screen. A great solution is to send Bondys boxes straight to their doorsteps to create an opportunity for virtual team bonding and add some excitement into their workday.”

Client Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Logan Runberg, a Verified Client had to say, “Everyone on my team loved their Bondy boxes! What a great way to come together and do something to reconnect. We’ll be ordering more!”

For complete information, visit: https://bondyworld.com/

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