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In a move that was welcomed by filmmakers, Bowery Media is now poised to take over the independent film industry as they acquire more global content. At a time when content is scarce, Bowery Media is championing the cause of international cinema and providing never-before seen features to traditional distribution channels & emerging platforms. 

New York, NY – November 11th 2020, Bowery Media announced today that they have acquired the rights to “Where’s Rose”, a horror/drama film starring Ty Simpkins and Anneliese Judge. This is a first leading role for Ty Simpkins as he takes on more serious drama projects. Simpkins is known for his roles in Marvel Studios Iron Man 3, Jurassic World, and the Insidious movies. Joining Simpkins is Anneliese Judge who is known for playing Annie Sullivan in the highly successful Netflix series, Sweet Magnolias. “Where’s Rose” is a horror/drama film directed by John Mathis, where a little girl is found after going missing the day before, and only her older brother recognizes the evil force that has returned in her place.

Bowery Media is a film and television sales distribution agency based in New York. Wamiq Jawaid, the Founder & CEO of Bowery Media, has a long history of distribution and licensing at leading media companies like ViacomCBS and Bloomberg. Jawaid is a film producer and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience that spans domestic and international television, film, journalism, and digital publishing. He brings that industry knowledge/skills/insight to all film and TV projects his team at Bowery acquires.

During a recent press conference, Jawaid was quoted as saying, “It’s our foundational mission to give a boost to indie filmmakers and give them the necessary tools, skillset, film distribution avenues on traditional and emerging platforms – especially given the long industry expertise we have. We are their champions, and go to bat for them in this highly complicated world of film deal making.”

He went on to say, “Bowery is deeply dedicated to bringing inspirational and gripping stories to audiences screens across the globe, and we are ready to work with independent filmmakers to make their dream become a reality. We make it easy for you to connect with global distributors.”

Simpkins talked about his fellow co-stars and his attraction to the strong social empowerment themes in the plot, “I think this story is important to tell in our current social climate and it’s important that this movie gets made. During shooting we can only see it through our own eyes, and it’s only when we all sit together and watch the final cut that are able to see the whole story.”

To learn more about Bowery Media or their new Horror/Drama film “Where’s Rose”, visit their official website at https://www.bowerymediaus.com/

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