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Southern California’s number one voted HVAC Company is getting a lot of recognition and awards for HVAC Maintenance, AC Maintenance, Furnace maintenance and heat pump maintenance. 

Chatsworth, CA, November 14, 2020, It does not matter how good the equipment is if the distribution has leaks in the return or supply side. It drives costs up as much as 35% or more and brings unwanted dirty attic or crawlspace air into one’s home. Service Genius does an inspection to make sure it is sealed tight and there are no restrictions so that it is getting all the airflow for peak efficiency. All of this takes longer than it takes other heating and air companies, however their price is the same and provides much more value.

Plus, while they are doing all of this they set up in the beginning an Air quality test that is running for a half hour checking for all the dangerous particles in your home’s air at no extra cost to you. These are just some of the reasons why they were awarded best HVAC Business in San Fernando Valley and the #1 HVAC company in Sothern California.

Industry maintenance is normally a 14-point system check. Service Genius has raised the bar and every customer that calls for maintenance now receives the following:

  • Plus, a Tune-Up: Manufacturers do not fine tune their gas furnace, heat pump or air conditioners. To help the customers, they are actually setting up the gas flow and pressure on all gas boilers and furnaces. If one has a heat pump, they are using state of the art tools to set up the precise amount of refrigerant. Do not worry about the extra cost of refrigerant. They are including up to one pound of refrigerant for all their customers.
  • Plus, Safety Inspection: Every HVAC System has safety controls that are built into the system to protect the homeowner and the equipment. In order to check them it is time consuming and often passed on as ok. Their technicians check every one for client’s safety.
  • Plus, Ductwork air Flow and leak testing.
  • Plus, complete home air quality test for all the dangerous particles in one’s home’s air.

Service Genius Provides:

  • Independent Verification: Each Service Genius project is independently inspected for performance and quality by a third party to ensure a perfect job.
  • Maintenance Included: They want the heating & air conditioner to work properly, so they include one year of free maintenance visits with every new installation.
  • Experience: Their team is a group of highly experienced certified professionals. If there is a problem, they have the background and training to solve it.
  • Compliance: Service Genius complies with all federal, state, and local laws, including insurance, licensing, and safety guidelines. It is a core element of how they do business that will never change.
  • Hiring Practices: All employees at Service Genius earn a living wage and are paid in compliance with federal and state law. They believe that taking care of their employees is the first step to ensuring you receive a high quality of care that goes above and beyond.
  • Focus on Training: They focus on development of their employees with weekly training meetings to stay up to date on current safety and technology practices.

For complete information, visit: https://servicegenius.com/

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