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All of the solutions proposed in this book are supported by real-world historical examples, and its language is written in a simple format for anyone to read and understand, not just academics or political science students.

Huntington Beach, California, November 14, 2020, The Nations of the world are ever changing. As new leaders take the helm, policies change. As citizens become more educated on what is at stake in their country, pressure is brought to bear that affect its foreign policy. Brexit is a good example. One side wants open borders and the other side wants more control over its boundaries. It is easy to see what the result was of allowing unlimited and minimally regulated immigration in many countries in the European Union.

Tonali Windslor’s new book – “Isolation Moderation” seeks to educate ordinary people about the difficult field of international politics and help them grow into a deeper understanding of these issues and how they impact their daily lives. It covers four main areas that nations will need to focus upon in order to successfully navigate international affairs.

These include Closed Borders, a Strong National Defense, Free Trade, and Peaceful Relations among nations. This is a proven political philosophy based upon moderate isolationism; it can be successfully implemented in both Western and Eastern cultures, secular and religious societies, as well as democratic or authoritarian governments.

During a recent interview, the author explained some of his views, “We currently live in an age of unprecedented levels of globalization and interconnectedness. The 21st century world has brought people, countries, economies, and cultures closer together than ever before in human history. In many ways this has brought a range of benefits to people as they are better able to meet people from other cultures and learn new ways of doing things. Yet, it has also brought forth a world of economic instability and unpredictability.”

He goes on to say, “The globalization of the world financial system may have brought new prosperity, but also the means for large, sudden downturns as well. This has created a system in which all nations share in the same stakes, in ways both good and bad. The ability of globalization to help grow economies and lift nations out of poverty are strong benefits of this system. On the downside, the certainty of global financial collapses that bring long recessions, increase national debt levels, and cause populist anger are all causes for concern.“

Isolation Moderation” has garnered stellar reviews from around the world. It is more than worthwhile to see how people reacted after reading this book. Take a look at what Ricardo Lopez, PhD Economist, Boston, Massachusetts, had to say, “A must read for all rational people. Urging readers to think critically, Windslor does an excellent job making the case for the decentralization of government. Throughout this engrossing and in-depth book, Windslor carefully strings together many hot topics in today’s political climate such as visas and illegal immigration, tariffs, military relations and alliances, and capitalism to construct a balanced and neutral view of today’s international relations world. Using recent examples such as Brexit and the European Union, and examples from ancient times such as the Roman Empire, Windslor delivers a professionally written, all-encompassing book that explains his ideas in such a way anybody can understand.”

About The Author:

Tonali Windslor is a political philosopher, former soldier, entrepreneur, and international leader of the IM Movement. He holds an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies from California State University-Long Beach and a graduate degree in Diplomacy from Norwich University. He currently works at a small startup company, where he has directly managed hundreds of remote employees all over the world.

For complete information, visit: https://isolationmoderation.com/

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