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One Human Race is a riveting book that not only gives the biblical and historical account of race and its concept but also puts forth a practical model for leaders to dismantle systemic racism. As the old saying goes, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” 

Chandler, Arizona – Nov. 19, 2020, BMcTALKS Press has announced this week the release of One Human Race, a positive-energy filled book that lays the groundwork to getting rid of systemic racism once and for all. In “One Human Race: Five Stages to Empower Transformative Change”, Dr. Jeff McGee lays out two parts: The first part of the book gives a biblical and historical account of race and the concept of race. The second part of the book introduces a practical and theoretical model that equips leaders to dismantle systemic racism through the love, empathy, and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jeff McGee is a published author and thought leader in using an asset-based approach to understand cross-cultural and leadership competencies and holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College and a Doctorate in Education in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Dr. McGee has over ten years of experience as a speaker, educator, and trainer for K-12 schools. He has spoken at higher education institutions, businesses, city and county governments, and nonprofit organizations including churches. Dr. McGee serves on several board of trustees and community groups.

Dr. McGee’s Cross-Cultural Model of Collaboration provides a theoretical method for Christian leaders to dismantle systemic racism within their churches and organizations. The hope is that they will begin to utilize the model to show God’s love and true desires for those who are racially different. Dr. McGee has successfully supported many organizations through trainings/consultations that have positively impacted organizational culture and relationship building efforts within Christian and secular spaces.

During a recent interview, the spokesperson for BMcTALKS Press was quoted as saying, “Dr. McGee is passionate about equipping leaders with strategies and approaches to lead tomorrow’s organizations. He has studied and witnessed barriers between diverse groups where issues of trust, decision-making, and roles are misunderstood.” He went on to say, “His interactive approach to engagement empowers leaders to think differently and challenge norms.”

To learn more about or to purchase a copy of Dr. McGee’s new release, “One Human Race”, visit their official website by going to https://www.bmctalkspress.com/products/onehumanrace or by simply clicking here.

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