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The accounting profession is the least diverse profession of all where less than 1% of CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) are African American. As the calls for professional diversity increase, companies like The Lady CPA and The Lady CPA Network play an important role in paving the way for others and truly creating a level playing field. 

Longwood, FL – Nov 27rd 2020, The Lady CPA Network made headlines this week after announcing a new program that will provide scholarships, mentorships and more to women & minorities that are looking to move up within the profession and become a Certified Public Accountant. While women may represent more than 50% of accounting graduates entering the profession for the last 20 years, they make up only 19% of the partners in accounting firms nationwide. Increasing the visibility of African American women at the executive and partner level within the accounting and finance profession is The Lady CPA Network’s primary objective.

The Lady CPA Network is a non-profit organization and was founded by JaJuan Williams in 2017. It has since done great things to assist minority women with passing the CPA exam and increasing the number of minority women CPAs in order to diversify the accounting profession. The Lady CPA Network has worked with recruiters for top finance and accounting positions at major companies like Sony Music, Under Armour, Bandcamp and more. It is those strategic connections that often lead to that next great position.

JaJuan Williams, founder of The Lady CPA Network and who is a CPA herself, graduated from Florida A&M University with a Master’s Degree in Business with an emphasis on Accounting. She has over 17 years of experience working in both private and public accounting firms. In 2009 she started her own accounting firm, CFO Benefits, and it is considered a great success story. She also started “The 6-figure CPA” which is a coaching business where she coaches other women CPAs on increasing their business net revenue by obtaining platinum clients. JaJuan Williams was recently quoted as saying, “I have accomplished a lot myself by running a 6 figure CPA firm for the last decade as an AA woman and am now paying it forward to increase the number of black women CPAs.”

During a recent interview, the spokesperson for The Lady CPA Network was quoted as saying, “The Lady CPA Network is a non-profit organization aiding in the advancement of African American women in the accounting and finance profession. Our goal is to provide a network and platform for African American women in accounting and finance as a support system and a collaborative body of professionals. To offer scholarships, mentorship, internships, entrepreneurial assistance, guidance, and opportunities for women who aspire to be in the profession, as well as educational support and continuing education.”

To learn more about The Lady CPA Network’s opportunities for women and minorities, or to inquire about JaJuan’s accounting services, visit their official website at www.theladycpanetwork.com

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