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The Debt Slayers is a quick lifestyle guide to becoming debt free  for optimal financial success and it will change lives. 

Atlanta, Georgia, December 6, 2020, Carrying a debt load has become a way of life for most people. The COVID-19 Pandemic has created economic conditions that have resulted in an enormous amount of people having to exponentially raise their debt load to survive. The internal stress and strife can become unbearable, and it has brought many people to the brink.

Tim and LeAnn Norris had found themselves in a dire financial condition. Their new book  – “The Debt Slayers, A Quick Guide for Slaying Debt and Living a More Fulfilling Life”, is their true story being shared to all how they decided to get control of their debt and fight back. Eventually they succeeded in getting rid of a whopping $429,000 in debt. Imagine how great they feel about that accomplishment.

It becomes a life-changing event when such debt is cleared. It is a phenomenal feeling when such a debt burden is lifted from one’s shoulders. Life starts over again. Debt wears oneself down causing lower savings, anxiety, and distraction from one’s purpose and a more fulfilling life. This book tells how to become debt free with real tips that worked for them. More importantly, it will shed light on how being debt free can realign one’s life with purpose. The book is applicable for any amount of debt, rather it is $5,000 or $500,000.

Lifestyle freedom provides the opportunity to pursue passions, which has been known to lead to greater happiness, health, and personal satisfaction. Financial stability is critical for obtaining a life of freedom.

About the Authors:

A millennial couple, LeAnn and Tim Norris, plagued by massive student loans and other consumer debt, found themselves in close to half a million dollars’ worth of debt in their mid-20’s. Obtaining their goals to go to college, get married, and live a respectable lifestyle came with an ugly price. A price that caused depression, anxiety, and lack of savings. This was actually the opposite of the ideal lifestyle they imagined. At this moment, they made a joint decision to take back control over their finances by paying off over $429,000 in debt. Now that they are debt free, Tim and LeAnn are charged to help others join the journey to lifestyle freedom and to build a legacy worth living.

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